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MBC needs to be extremely cautious…

THE EDITOR: I remain totally disgusted at the conclusion of one of our most degrading programs in St. Lucia ‘CAN I HELP YOU’ aired on MBC.

There was the host virtually rejoicing at the unfortunate incident which occurred at Bridgetown Barbados this week, where a yacht owned by the Goddard Group of Companies was searched and a quantity of marijuana recovered — and NOT COCAINE as suggested by the host.

Goddard Group of Companies is a highly-respected organization with investments throughout the Caribbean, a profitable organization which is well-respected, and therefore, any suggestion that the organization may have ventured into any shady transactions to enhance their bottom line is ludicrous.

Investigations so far appear to be concentrating on one crew member with a shady past, but more importantly there is already some evidence that photographs of the perpetrators in Grenada together with one crew member can substantiate what may have transpired.

We are strongly of the view that the owner of MBC needs to be extremely cautious as the Goddard Group of Companies may view what was said as being extremely libelous.

(Ulric W. Price)

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