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Zina & Zhane Foundation hosted Pain Therapy Workshop

THE Zina and Zhane Foundation for Self-Development and Inner Healing has already kicked off their first initiative a little over a month after the launch of the Foundation.

The foundation flew in Lorraine Pouchet, both a certified Original Pain therapist and cousin of the deceased Zina Anthony, from Trinidad, to host an Original Pain Therapy (OPT) workshop right here in St. Lucia.

Over twenty St. Lucians took part in the workshop, which spanned over the 4th to 8th June, 2018, where the participants were made to realise the importance of the childhood stages of development and how this can impact the adolescent and adult.

According to Mrs. Pouchet, repressed emotions can be stored up within humans from childhood whenever certain developmental needs are not met. These repressed emotions can manifest in dysfunctional behaviour of the person suffering from these unmet needs and any trauma that they may have experienced.

The course was created for the purpose of assisting both youth and adults in recognising the pain of their past and processing it in order to move forward without those emotional inhibitors.

After doing the course, participants expressed surprise and shock at the things they had learnt not just about childhood development, but also about themselves. Almost every single person who did the course opted for a private one on one session with Mrs. Pouchet once it had concluded.

The OPT course has been successful in helping people in Trinidad for over twenty years.

This is one of the many more initiatives being held by the Zina & Zhane Foundation and we look forward
to continued support as we embark on our journey of Inner Healing and Self-Development of our youth.

The Zina and Zhane Foundation would like to welcome all St. Lucians to get in contact with us at email: if you are interested in taking part in the next course scheduled for September, 2018.

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