Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Revamps Specialist Program

PRESS RELEASE – THE Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) has revamped its travel agent specialist programme. The recently upgraded programme is called “Saint Lucia Expert” or SLEx and is open to travel agents in North America and the UK. SLEx is an innovative online educational and loyalty programme designed to engage travel agents and serve as their central repository for all resources that will enable them to sell destination Saint Lucia, optimally. Additionally, SLEx is mobile friendly with customizable features to equip today’s digitally-savvy travel professional with the cutting-edge tools they need for destination marketing and sales.

Through the provision of engaging modules and multimedia tools, SLEx allows travel professionals to explore the destination fully and offers various niche market specialisations in areas that include Dive, Romance and Family Travel. The revamped programme provides a simple structure for all travel agents to participate and increases engagement with them while supporting the growth of the destination and the travel agent business.

The SLTA aims to support travel partners further, by providing graduates of the programme a certificate of completion, which will unlock features and benefits of being a Saint Lucia Expert. The recognition will also include a combination of three (3) status tiers to highlight the best producers and provide additional incentives and support to each tier.

Travel agents can participate by enrolling in the Saint Lucia Expert programme, which is available online at http://edu.recommend.com/saintlucia. Current Saint Lucia Specialists are not required to retake the course but will benefit from the new resources and status.

As an additional incentive, the top recording travel agents and their agencies will be awarded monthly prizes in the sums of US $250 cash for the agent and US $250 marketing credit for the agency, which would go towards Saint Lucia business development. The new platform will allow agents to track their progress in real time.

The SLTA encourages travel professionals to LEARN, EARN and GROW with SLEx!

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