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Mary Isaac Must Resign!

Image of Health and Wellness Minister, Mary Isaac [PHOTO: PhotoMike]

THE Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VF4Cs) has come to the conclusion that Senator Mary Isaac must resign as Minister of Health and Wellness.

Her latest public pronouncements re- confirm her inability to steer the health care system on an evolution and development course that generates confidence in the minds of the citizens of this country.

It is inadmissible and irresponsible that the Minister, after two years in office, cannot enunciate any definitive policy about the completion and future of SJH, the transitioning from Victoria Hospital to Owen King EU Hospital, the debate regarding the privatization of the public health care system and the fixing of that system which according to the SLMDA, is “in a state of crisis”.

It cannot be accepted that in our democratic state, public consultations to find practical solutions or compromises to these pressing and divisive issues do not form part of the Minister’s modus operandus.

Instead, her major constitutional responsibilities are being handed over to, or better still usurped by, the Minister of Economic Development, who seems pervasively bent on discrediting the democratic processes and ignoring the will of citizens and the recommendations of qualified construction and health professionals.

Mary Isaac does not have a serious, structured and visionary mind befitting of a leader, especially in the area of health care.

Her statements betray a lack of understanding, basic analysis, confidence, conviction and inspiration as a health care policy maker. She is more of a carrier of bad tales arising from the insensitivity and heartlessness of her supreme leader than a policy maker, implementer and evaluator.

It is now all very clear to all that Mary Isaac is clueless on how to manage the island’s health portfolio, now or in the future. But to have allowed the Minister of Economic Development undermine her so glaringly and repeatedly, shows a clear and troubling sign from a Minister holding such a critically important portfolio.

The VF4Cs is left with no choice but to demand the immediate resignation of Mary Isaac as Minister of Health and Wellness. (VF4Cs)

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