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Hon. Bradly Felix, Whose Side Are You On, Sir?

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THE EDITOR: Late in April/early May, a Stop Work Order was issued by the Development Control Authority (DCA) on the developers of the Fairmont Sunset Bay Resort in Sab Richard, Choiseul. As far as the Sustainable and Well-planned Development Action Group (SWDAG) knows, the developers have not gotten final approval from the DCA.

In a news item on Caribbeanhotfm.com dated May 3, MP Bradly Felix was reported as saying of the Stop Work Order, ‘The issue, from all indications, is minor…’ and that ‘the developers expect to get the green light soon.”

Mr Felix goes on to say that for his constituents ‘there is much excitement about the prospects of an influx of construction jobs.’

As per that news item, the developers are still “exploring options” in regard to the public coastal road that traverses the property and links residents on the western side of Choiseul to the village centre, as well as the neighbouring village of Laborie and the town of Vieux Fort.

The MP informs us that plans for the hotel are in flux, given the results of geotechnical tests and that developers need to go back to the table.

We forwarded that this is the perfect time to sit with constituents, but Mr Felix does not feel the same.

SWADG does not see how, in the present circumstances, the DCA could be on the point of giving the green light, as the developers have not complied with major requirements of the Physical Planning and Development Act. The project, however, is being advertised to potential investors on the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) website.

From information gathered by SWDAG, the “hotel” coming to Choiseul, is more than meets the eye: It is a real estate scheme that, if implemented, is sure to change the face of Choiseul forever.

A lot of earthworks is going on at the site, which is a treasured beach park and recreational stop for locals and independent visitors, a natural amphitheatre and believed to have been a settlement of the indigenous peoples of Saint Lucia.

For more than half-a -year now, residents have been waiting to have a sitting with the developers, a request that was to be conveyed to them [the developers] by the parliamentary representative for Choiseul.

However, the developers (whoever they may be???) seem to be a law unto themselves. They have not fully met the conditions stipulated in the Agreement in Principle and now they are violating a Stop Work Order.

Some land owners are contemplating legal action for damages to adjoining lands and a resident has reported threats of having their cameras confiscated for taking pictures.

There has been the dumping of debris down a precipice, just off the Fiette Road and above the coast road (quite unsightly) and an endangerment in case of heavy rains.

They have constructed a septic tank that is lined with plywood, re-dammed the streams, have not put in silt traps to protect our reefs and fishermen.

We are informed that the developers are back on island and the MP informed us that he would be sitting with them. We asked if he would put forward our request to meet with the developers, to which he said, no. Not at this time.

Given all the facts, we humbly ask: whose side is Honourable Bradly Felix on?

By: Sustainable and Well-planned Development Action Group (SWDAG)

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