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Homicide Rate Climbs as More Violence Mars the Island

A family from Mon Repos has been plunged deep into mourning as news of the horrific death of a loved one continues to make rounds around the community.

Dead is thirty-two-year-old Stephen Jean alias 2-Pac of Patience, Mon Repos.

It is alleged that the victim was involved in an altercation and received a stab wound to the body.

Investigators from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force are actively pursuing leads in this case which would take the total homicide number to fourteen for the year.

Late last week officers were called into action after a brazen daylight shooting in Castries left many traumatized, one dead and a few injured including a Primary school child.

Arrests have been made in connection with that shooting and charges are expected to be preferred.

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  1. whats happening with St Lucia! between stabbings and shootings and now gun fights in the streets! When is this all going to stop! Do these people that do this type of crime not realize when they do this, they not only hurt/kill those involved but do serious damage to St Lucia! My home! and so the innocent people out to earn a living are the ones to lose out due to the effects this all has on tourism on the island! God help rid this evil from St Lucia!

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