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Development from the top down

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

WOW! After two years and a million plans in action, nothing that had preceded from a development point of view was good enough or worth continuing. This gives me the impression that prior to now, there was no governance. All the plans and modules, as well as policies of previous politicians or governments of the past seem to have been none-credible.

Am I to believe that it is only this new regime that has a vision worth acknowledging? Then, if such is the case, we should consider having a one-party state and do away with all forms of opposition.

If we have finally reached the stage in our history when only one set of people have the answers, then I say ‘hooray’ and accept that there should be no further criticism of the present regime.

Now, I clearly understand why all previous projects have been halted and why there is so much restructuring, remodeling and a concerted effort to break ties with or disregard all previous thinking and planning.

I thought previously that when there was change — especially in politics — that after careful assessment, the good would continue and the new would enhance the progress that had been done previously.

I hear of new plans, new projects and new development strategies and wonder where is all the money supposed to come from? Do we have new-found friends propping us up with our needs? Are we now going back in time, to a long-past era of plentiful and grants are being given simply by asking? Or, are we digging our self in debts?

If by chance there have been some miscalculated moves by this government, will they remain in office to clean-up the mess? Or will they accept and tell the people that they made a mistake? Or is it the turn of the same set that are now so frequently criticized to do the inevitable?

I have seen governments and ministers come and go. I have heard promises over and over. I have heard plans for a better tomorrow so many times before — and I am yet to see all these dreams and aspirations bear fruit.

It is good to trust, have faith and be supportive of your chosen political party, but you must be aware that not all talk or wishes will materialize or come true in your lifetime.

There is a new trend of governance now, giving the impression that all is well and will be OK in the morning, but I am sometimes a skeptic and do not always believe all that I hear.

I am sure that sometimes people lead you on — like when in love, your partner tells you what they want you to hear to comfort you, but all that you hear is not necessarily the truth, so while we are all spoon-fed (and in some cases wait for our aspirations to be fulfilled) there can and will be some disappointed souls and some who judged wrongly and will end-up getting a six for a nine.

So, tread carefully my people, and do not take to heart all that you hear, because not all dreams come true, and not all promises will be fulfilled.

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