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Am I ‘A Jackass’?

THE EDITOR: Before I ask a few simple questions may I kindly quote “our” Prime Minister: ‘We’re not here to criticize people…’

‘If you’re not happy with what somebody is doing, you take them aside quietly, and you give them a lecture, but you don’t go in public and criticize anybody IN ST LUCIA…’

‘We want a party that believes in mutual RESPECT not in loyalty…’

‘I have taken the advice of Sir John, I don’t listen, I let the Jackasses Bray…’

I would like my dear Prime Minister to explain to me, who are those Jackasses and what Country do they live in?

I would also like to ask our Prime Minister: What does he mean when he said that he don’t listen?

And finally, having asked a few simple questions here, I now also ask the Prime minister: Will you listen and kindly answer them?

Am I a jackass?

I ask this particular question again, Mr PM, because like you, I do believe in mutual RESPECT.

Citizen and Voter

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