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The UWP is Definitively United!

By Ulric W. Price
Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

THE UWP has undoubtedly been thoroughly unified under the leadership of the Chastanet administration.

We have observed politics for the past 30 years in St. Lucia and we have today witnessed the growth and formulation of a party that is dedicated and determined to address the advancement of a nation.

Miracles never cease, but when one simply reverts to the status of the UWP 90 days prior to the 2016 general elections and compares the cohesion of the party today, it is just unimaginable.

Sound and cohesive relations remain the key to success and carefully listening to the contributions of all the UWP parliamentarians at the last sitting of the House presented a form of consensus we have not witnessed in years.

There is hardly any doubt that all the ministers have bought into the ideology and the direction of their leader and appear confident that the leader has conversely endorsed their commitments.

As a veteran politician, a former PM and now minister of infrastructure Honourable Stephenson King displayed his commitment in addressing the infrastructure of the nation in no uncertain terms, the reason being that both the PM and the minister recognized the degradation of the nation’s infrastructure and have together joined forces to rectify the ills of the past.

The PM has further joined hands with all his ministers permitting each minister to execute their responsibilities in a diligent manner.

On the other hand, there are ministers within the administration who are faced with greater responsibilities based on the size and nature of their constituencies (e.g the Gros Islet constituency has a population of 27,000 which is approximately four times the size of any other constituency).

Honourable Montoute laid out a comprehensive plan of his stewardship and based on his plans that constituency will reach to new heights in the coming months.

The idea of village tourism is another area which will change the landscape and living standards of many villages and once the MPs for those constituencies remain on their path of enthusiasm, St. Lucia will once more recognize the importance of making our nation a permanent home for themselves and their offsprings.

The construction of the Hewanorra Airport, the Sabwisha and the Sandals projects will together offer employment for some 2700 persons in addition to some 600 road construction employees all within four months from to date.

In closing we have no intention of responding to the negative contributions of the opposition in the last sitting of the house, as such negative comments serve no useful purpose and St. Lucia has had its fair of share negativism over the years and the nation needs to focus on the positive side to face the ongoing competition within our region and beyond.

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