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Is this the last Hurrah?

By: Ulric W. Price

THE current PM has consistently reiterated that the interpretation of the CIP ordinance by the MP of Castries South is unreliable and scary, based on his practices of the past during his post as high commissioner in the UK and by extension his subsequent position as Chairman of the CIP.

It is ironic that as recent as March 27th, 2018 the sordid details of the Juffali affair continue to make headlines in the UK press and we quote: “EVERYTHING MUST GO! SAUDI BILLIONAIRE’S TREASURE TROVE’ – INCLUDING CRYSTAL PAINO”, finally permitting his wealth of some EC $20 billion to be evenly distributed amongst his three wives and various children.

St. Lucians should never lose sight of the fact that the good name of Fair Helen was dragged through the legal system for months on end, based on the nation’s association with an individual who apparently used a top Diplomatic Post of St. Lucia to shield the rights of the heirs of a controversial divorce case.

The sad story forced our former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony to openly find a legal response to the British authorities while St. Lucia’s diplomatic office was under intense scrutiny.

We as St. Lucians tend to bury the past very quickly, but this incident remains in a very shallow grave, as the MP for Castries South continues to scratch the surface of this burial site by offering advice to an administration which was forced to address the downfall of the CIP program, but more importantly, so serious were the flaws in this program, that both the former PM (Dr. Anthony) and his right hand minister (James Fletcher) subsequently advised the nation that it was a grave error to have even embarked upon the CIP program.

Hopefully, the headline news on London’s Mail Online of March 27th, 2018 will bring a semi closure to the negative views experienced by Fair Helen and the damage sustained will be laid to rest by the British authorities as an error of a naïve technocrat.

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