Celestial partners with Canadian company to present Inspiring Leadership Workshops

PRESS RELEASE – CELESTIAL Self Development Centre has once again partnered with Elizabeth Soltis, Founder/Director of Bridges Global, a consultancy company based in Ontario, Canada to present a series of leadership workshops here in Saint Lucia.

The workshops titled ‘Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Empowering Self to Serve Others and Effective Leadership and Generating Abundance’, will be held on April 5th and 6th and April 10th and 11th, respectively, at the Palm Haven Hotel from 9am to 4:30pm.

These highly engaging workshops are designed for all levels, regardless of role, who understand that relational intelligence is the key to catalyzing people into inspired action.

Leadership is about translating personal commitment into effective action to get results. It is not about role or title. So, this offering will benefit anyone interested in expanding their impact via the empowerment of self and others.

Bridges Global works with leaders who want to unleash people potential. It is through nurturing relationships that we innovate, excel and thrive. Bridges Global offers a comprehensive set of consulting services which are designed to bridge individual growth to organizational and community growth.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ms. Elizabeth Soltis, a gifted consultant, facilitator and coach.

Elizabeth is a global facilitator with expertise in leadership development, teamwork, emotional intelligence, partnership-building, conflict resolution and high performance. She has a keen interest in bridging transformative leadership to positive social change results in the workplace and in the community.

For the past two decades, Elizabeth has served as an organizational development consultant, supporting clients as they collaborate and innovate on viable solutions. Her mission is to co-create workplaces where people can thrive.

Companies are encouraged to register more than one participant to receive a special discount.

By having more than one participant attend, this will help an organization’s team evolve their work culture with new skills they learn, enabling them to have an in-house support team to practice with and support each other. Peer coaching can be such an effective process in fostering personal and professional growth.

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