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Two Dividers Blowing Similar Trumpets

THE politics in St. Lucia is hardly different from that of the other islands and beyond but it does not mean that what transpires makes any form of common sense.

We take this opportunity to revisit what has taken place on a daily basis on Choice Television with a show headlined “Politically Incorrect”. When we revisit the intensity of political concerns of both Christopher Hunte and Richard Frederick on television, we have to ask ourselves what are the real reasons.

In the case of Christopher Hunte, it is alleged that this individual had an annual budget under the SLP administration in the amount $2 million inclusive of a monthly salary of $10,000. Today, this cushy remuneration is no longer. Is there a possibility that the loss of this largesse has left Christopher bitter and must, therefore, do all in his power to vilify the individual or individuals who he perceives as being responsible for this loss of earnings?

In the case of Richard Frederick and his show “Can I Help You”, there appears to be a similar pattern for as a former minister of government who paraded around in a manner that he was untouchable. One whose ego moved at an accelerated pace enhanced by the frills of the most influential ministry (Physical Planning).

The absence of such power takes its toll on one who requires that level of adrenaline and therein lies the uncontrolled anger which has been ongoing for the last two years. There are individuals in this world who fail to recognize their weaknesses and in this case our former minister should ask himself some simple questions: Why did the US government withdraw both his diplomatic and US visas at the height of his political career? An individual who was vilified by the former SLP leader for reasons never disclosed other than “who knows what about each other”.

St. Lucia is at a stage when so much needs to be done to address the number of issues crying for attention yet wasted man hours on those futile shows and town hall meetings can easily be transformed into positive thresholds. Will the day ever come when the likes of Hunte and Frederick will quietly realize that sowing the seeds of dissention are ills of the past which will not benefit them in any meaningful way.

The anger and hatred being nursed will surely become a permanent fixture within their mainstream and if not addressed will simply create the disturbing emotions which they themselves will be unable to tolerate. We have witnessed the evidence on one particular show – “Can I Help You” — by an individual who has permitted his emotions and anger to get out of control to an extent that he is exposing himself to a serious form of physical disability.

By Political Observer

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  1. There is one significant difference between you and Frederick is unlike you he never make allegations. And so the allegation you made about Christopher Hunte damages your credibility beyond repair. Wouldn’t it have been more worthwhile to question the biasness of Peter Josie and Rick Wayne who will stare down truth and reality in defence of the party they support? For example why don’t you call on Peter Josie to remind Chastanet that SLP, since he Josie was part of it, did not just oppose independence. It opposed independence without first holding an election. When it comes to Wayne his crime is he will not carry anything anti UWP in his newspaper. It is like saying this government do no wrong.

    This is not helping in the democratic process. Issues both popular and not; good and bad; have to be disscussed if the politics is to be articulated democratically.

    Both Mr Hunte and Mr Frederick attempts what many in the don’t see as important in that they don’t make statements. They attempt to provide proof of what they say. It is not because their positions are opposed to yours for you to find them blowing their trumpets? It does not escape the attention of many that once upon a time Frederick was UWP’s poster boy when he was exposing what is now known as the Grynberg affair. Now the tables have turned it is you now who is angry because the dirt he digs is on your party you politically partisan lump of protoplasm.

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