Soccer Fun The ‘iBounce St. Lucia’ Way

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PRESS RELEASE – iBounce St. Lucia is now offering its customers fun soccer activities. The novel football equipment is suitable for all ages, genders and ability levels and ensures that each participant’s experience is fun, enjoyable and leaves a positive lasting memory.

iBounce has a number of games-based activity units designed to enhance the enjoyment of soccer in our communities, schools and clubs.

Image of iBounce St. Lucia
iBounce St. Lucia

About iBounce St. Lucia’s BumperBall
BumperBall soccer is St. Lucia’s newest craze. This is the company’s main attraction. It is a swift-moving sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is an event that will have everyone in non-stop laughter. This is a sport where you might just have as much fun watching as playing. There are large inflatable balls that you slide into so they fit above your knees and above your head. Guarded by these inflatables, players play soccer with entertaining benefits.

For more convenience, we can travel to our customers! “iBounce” can set up at a number of settings, e.g. home, school grounds, club grounds, indoor halls, outdoor areas. You can play the games on grass, AstroTurf and on timber flooring (indoor sports hall).

The company offers customers an unforgettable experience. Everyone loves football but on a unique weekend, people really want to do something a little bit different, a bit special and memorable. BumperBall soccer certainly meets that brief. We can provide our customers with tailored events and packages to suit all ages and budgets – designed to help them to achieve whatever they want out of their time with “iBounce BumperBall”, all through the beautiful game of soccer.

Image of iBounce St. Lucia
iBounce St. Lucia

Why did we start?
We are currently studying and working in the sports and fitness industry. Sports and leisure is one of the fastest growing industries in St. Lucia. There is a gap in the market and we have identified a niche for our service that is not currently being served. In the local area, there is also a real shortage of activities, especially for young adults. With our unpredictable St. Lucian weather, it is great that the event can be moved indoors if necessary

We started BumperBall to help to raise the profile of football and compliment the fantastic coaching and games development activities currently ongoing throughout the country. It raises the awareness of the important role that sport play in our local communities. By highlighting the fun aspect of sport, it could lead to greater levels of interest.

We aim to get more children/adults playing games more of the time. BumperBall promotes fair play, the development of self-esteem, builds social cohesion and enhances health and well-being.

Where do we see it going?
We are enthusiastic about our service and we have a clear vision of the development of this business. We want to establish and develop BumperBall Soccer as a multi-activity-based football events company in local communities, schools and clubs/organisations.

BumperBall is using social media to drive traffic to the website which describes our service. We will market through appropriate events and are accessible on and offline, with the service having a human face, voice and personality.

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