SRDF Staff Gives Back

PRESS RELEASE – AS customary, the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF), like many other organizations, rewards staff for their hard work throughout the past year. This year was no different as our staff members were presented with gift vouchers. In a show of philanthropy, the staff agreed to gift the vouchers to the less-fortunate persons in the community.

“The whole spirit of giving is a wonderful initiative; we are thrilled that the staff would want to go in that direction. It has been a collective effort and we are very proud of it,” said Human Resource Manager, Lester Cazaubon.

Traditionally, the organization holds an annual Christmas party. However, in an attempt to maximize the occasion, the event will be held early next year.

Cazaubon stated: “We are looking at having a Grand Dinner Awards Ceremony early next year. Consequently, instead of having a double party, we are going to consolidate all our resources into one major event.”

The management of SRDF would like to thank its awesome team for their contributions throughout the year and takes pleasure in wishing all the best for the season.

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