Inter-Commercial House Sports

THE finals of the 2017 Inter-Commercial House 3-Hand Domino competition will take place on Monday at Club XTRA COVER, adjacent to the NAPA building on the John Compton Highway.

Contesting the final will be Scotiabank, WASCO and Saint Lucia Fire Service.

In semifinal action played on Thursday at the same venue, Saint Lucia Fire Service won over WASCO and Beachcomber.

Scores: Saint Lucia Fire Service 76 points, WASCO 70 points and Beachcomber 60 points.

The leading top-scorers were Warn Augustin of Saint Lucia Fire Service with a perfect 18 points, followed by Joseph Jeremie and Jameson Remy from WASCO with 15 points each and Thomson Dalkan of Beachcomber also with 15 points.

Best of Eleven defeated Police 34-21 as the Commercial Netball League continued at the Vigie Multipurpose Sports Complex on Thursday evening. Best of Eleven led at every quarter (8-2, 18-9, 27-16 and 34-21).

Best of Eleven, who shot approximately 57%, were led by Lindel Forde with 17 from 31 attempts, IannaHippolyte (11 from 22 attempts) and Shem Maxwell (6 from 7 attempts).

Police fared better with a 60% average and were assisted by Everlou Mathew (11 from 17 attempts), Emma Mathew (8 from 12 attempts) and Delia Samuel (2 from 6 attempts).

The teams MVPs were EverlouLinor and MakebaAlcide representing Police and Best of Eleven respectively.

The tournament continues on Monday with the staging of a double-header. From 5.30 p.m., Small Business will come up against Best of Eleven, while at 7.00 p.m., it’s Police versus Teachers.

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