Existential Paradox

By Velon John

The years pass by in rabid haste
Seeking the present in the futility of the past
With the hope of a future
That is evanescent in its taunting invitation

And so the time that was and is
Nullifies the future that is real
In its unborn innocence
And thus leaving his dreams
Amidst the grains of his thoughts
Sublimely impotent but real

He then moves along the corridors of his time
Seeking for what he has already found
And thus merging the present with the past
In the hopeful futility of the future

Unknowingly the alpha and the omega are united
And time a construct of the mind exists
And thus fulfils the cogito ergo sum of his existence
As the search into and for himself
Perplexes the primary and secondary principle of his aetiology

He thinks therefore he exists
And he is because of his mind
The alpha and omega are subsumed into the present
Thus making death and life anything but futuristic.

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