her claws,
long and uninviting,
sink beneath the skin of his flesh
as she fights with the indecisiveness
that has burdened her for days.
she can run no more
from the face of her conscience that stares back at her.
each time she stares at glass,
the face that reminds her
of the constant faces she has been forced to put on.
every time his thick, heavy hands
broke the surface of her smooth skin,
and she painted her skin with foundation,
to cover up, the blue that lay within,
she squeezed the tender bone of his Adam apple,
forcing him to feel
how it felt to exchange looks with the cold face of death.
she sank her fingers deeper,
watching him gasp for air
like she always did,
helpless, like she always was.
she felt the red-hot fire of rage
as it caused her heart to tremble,
and in that moment,
she tasted the hurt, the pain, like blood on her lips,
as she watched that coward bastard who had turned her
into the Queen of ice.
she kissed him for final time
and watched the life leave his body
as he slowly took his last breaths.
as he felt every stroke of pain he had ever inflicted on her,
she watched him beg, in a whisper,
as the coward succumbed to his demise,
and she breathed sighs of sweet release
as the tears, soaked his mortal frame.
she was finally free.

By Janice Heather Hector

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