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Economic Reality and Crime

THE most recent information highlighted by Edwin St. Catherine from the Department of Statistics is certainly good news in nature but by the same token, the nation hopes that the trend continues as there is room in the existing score to be adjusted upwards based on existing international levels.

The present administration must be commended, however, despite the adversities experienced in respect to the crime factor and the ongoing criticism by the opposition for the manner in which existing policies are being implemented. Seventeen months in office does not permit any administration to dismantle the wrongs of the past and replace same with what is considered as positive and constructive based on the element of time which must be factored into the equation.

Based on information at hand, the number of major projects to be implemented in the coming ninety days will pale in comparison to what has transpired so far; therefore, both the employment rate and the GDP will register further positives within the next quarter.

In respect to the crime factor, an article in The VOICE newspaper of November 18, 2017 highlighted the ongoing drug situation and the firearms. Then, in The VOICE newspaper of Tuesday November 21, 2017, President Maduro of Venezuela confirmed that the constant flow of drugs from Columbia through Venezuela and onwards is of major concern.

Based on this information, a high-level meeting amongst Venezuela, Colombia and St. Lucia should be arranged at the earliest opportunity to at least address the flow of drugs. Any reduction or stoppage of the drug trade will significantly reduce the crime rate in St. Lucia as 90% of the cause is the confusion and misunderstanding of financial transactions between the suppliers and distributors.

There is also a portion of criminal activities as the turf war remains ongoing. The French authorities should be apprised of the information at hand in order that the sale of guns and ammunition in Martinique is investigated if, in fact, there is any veracity in the rumour.

Michael Chastanet

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