Parents Share Their Back-to-School Thoughts

img: Class is in session at Ave Maria Girls Primary last Monday.  [Photos By Rochelle Gonzales]
Class is in session at Ave Maria Girls Primary last Monday. [Photos By Rochelle Gonzales]
ON Monday morning, there were two kinds of parents with school children: those who were doing their happiest dance now that school has reopened and those who were simply worried.

The VOICE took to the streets on Monday afternoon to give parents the chance to speak their minds and the responses were surprisingly mixed.

As was expected, there were parents who could not contain their joy once the question “How do you feel on this first day, knowing that your child/children has/have started their first day back at school?” was asked.

After two months of summer vacation, one could easily understand why some parents would be more than happy to have the children out of the house.

On the other hand, a few parents were surprisingly sympathetic towards the teachers who will be minding their children throughout the new school year while others were concerned about everything — from their children’s safety to the increase in expenditure.

Here is what they had to say:

Yasmine: “It’s back to getting up early, ironing, cooking, making sure that he does his homework, so the stress has started. He’s now in Form 4, so you have to be so dedicated and on their backs to ensure that the work is done properly. But that’s the job of a parent, anyway, so you don’t have a choice. I’m not celebrating because that’s my child and it doesn’t matter whether he’s at school or not — I have to spend time with him.”

Raphael: “It’s a great ease but what I’m really concerned about is whether the teachers are going to be ready for the children. Coming from vacation, I don’t think the children are ready for school yet and the teachers will have all the hassle. So we parents still have a lot to do for about a month or so to get our children really prepared so that our teachers will not have so many problems.”

Darnancia: “It’s wonderful! I love that school has reopened. My daughter actually loves the fact that school is now opened, so it’s a good thing.”

Beverly: “It’s good that it’s reopened but it’s a lot of money to send a child to school every day.”

Shawn: “I feel pretty good. For my son, he’s going to a different grade and all that, so at least he will learn something new. So I feel good.”

Gianna: “I feel okay!”

Esther: “To tell you the truth, they needed to get out of the house because they give some mothers stress (laughs). So we’re glad they went back to school.”

Victoria: “I’m happy that they’re back at school because I got a little break from running around trying to get books and this and that. So I hope they see how hard parents have to take it so that they make their minds up to work hard to be proud of who they are — both for themselves and their parents.”

Kishma: “Great! I feel very happy! No more stress at home!

Kay: “I feel good but I still don’t feel safe because it’s my son’s first time entering Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School and the teachers told us he has to be careful, to carry his bag at all times and he has to be like a slave. That’s not right! I don’t like that.”

Kerchelle: “I feel great! The only issue I have is seeing the children liming by the Ave Maria School — that’s my only problem. But apart from that, it’s a good feeling knowing they’re out of the house and back to school.”

With that good mix of responses, why don’t you leave your thoughts down below in the comment section to let us know how you feel now that school is back in session?

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