Chamber To Coordinate Private Sector Relief Efforts

PRESS RELEASE – THE St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce has been asked by the Office of the Prime Minister to coordinate Saint Lucia’s private sector’s contributions to help our sister islands devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

The Chamber is aware that many companies have already taken it upon themselves to make donations and contributions while others are seeking to craft their support. We commend you all for doing so. In seeking to coordinate this support, we are working through NEMO, which is working with the OECS Secretariat and CDEMA. That way, there is easier logistics flow of support and the most urgent and needed items required at a particular point in time is known and focused on.

The Chamber wishes to appeal not only to its members but the wider St. Lucian business community also willing and anxious to help to please share information on your contributions with us, making the Chamber better able to demonstrate the extent of support and help the Saint Lucian private sector is providing, as too often this is understated.

We wish to commend all those who have taken the initial steps to make contributions already, such as Blue Waters, Caribbean Metals, WLBL, Digicel, Royal Bank of Canada, Tropical Shipping, FLOW, SLHTA, SMA, and some of their members, among many other firms and agencies.

Again, to facilitate proper coordination, we provide below the list of emergency items for your guidance and strongly suggest that you make your contributions through NEMO.

Immediate Needs:
• Tarpaulins
• Water
• Clearing of roadways
• Reconstruction of bridges
• Re-establishment of communication networks

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