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Flow Asks Customers For More Patience

THREE months after giving the assurance of delivering better services to dissatisfied customers island-wide, telecommunications company, Flow, is singing the same tune and are asking the public to bear with them.

Speaking at a press conference in May, Flow Caribbean President, Garfield Sinclair, said the company was working around the clock to rectify the myriad of problems faced by customers on a daily basis.

The telecommunications company has been met with anger and frustration from telephone, internet and cable customers who complain that the services they receive are nowhere on par with the high fees they pay monthly.

Sinclair admitted that the company had been inundated with complaints and that customers should begin to experience better services by the summer. However, three months later, the complaints continue to flood in.

Speaking on the matter on Tuesday morning was Joseph Augustin, H.R. Director for Flow Ventures Market.

When asked for an update on the situation, Augustin said he could not give particular updates. However, echoed the words of his colleagues by assuring customers that the matter was still being closely monitored.

He said: “We are continuously looking at ways of actually improving the service we provide to customers. We do acknowledge that there are some challenges that customers continue to face and what we are actually encouraging customers to do is be patient with us because we are trying to do everything that we can to improve the service to the expectation that they actually deserve.”

Although this time around there was no deadline given for the many issues to be rectified, Augustin said that in due time the matter will be resolved.

“It’s a work in progress but I am confident that we will get there and we will meet their expectations,” he said.

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