MoH Recommendations For The Carnival Season

Dennery Carnival

PRESS RELEASE – THE Ministry of Health and Wellness provides the following guidance during the carnival season to reduce the negative health implications during and after the season.

• Avoid dehydration by reducing exposure time in the direct sunlight, wearing of sunblock and sunscreen and increased water intake. This is important during high level activities. Special consideration must be given to the elderly and young children who are particularly prone to dehydration.
• Avoid excessive alcohol intake as this also leads to dehydration, injuries, violence and road fatalities when people drive under the influence. There are limited intensive care beds available at the hospitals and usually during this period we note increased patient flow in the Accident and Emergency Department at the Victoria Hospital. We are putting measures in place to manage the increase but prevention is the best measure.
• The majority of the planned activities are in open spaces and on evenings. We are in the rainy season and we normally note increases in mosquito indices at this time. The public is advised to take the necessary precaution and use insect repellents to reduce mosquito bites.
• Annually, we note increases in sexually transmitted infections after the carnival season. We advise against unsafe sexual practices. The Ministry has donated condoms to carnival bands and planning associations to ensure they are available to revelers. Condoms are also available at Wellness Centres.

The Ministry of Health would like the public to enjoy the season but keep healthy during and after as well.

For more information, please contact the Bureau of Health Education at the Ministry of Health at telephone number 468-5349.

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