Integrated Delivery Model For Healthcare On Stream

PRESS RELEASE – THE Ministry of Health is in the process of strengthening governance systems for the health sector. Performance reviews and stakeholder consultations have revealed the need for a robust health care delivery model. Work has commenced in this area and there have been two main achievements which include the following:

1. A model of care which outlines the main guidelines for planning and delivering care and monitoring performance.
2. A governance model – “A Virtual Integration Model”, this model proposes a strengthened role for the Ministry of Health as the steward of the health system and greater accountability and safety from all actors in the delivery of care.

This week, the Ministry of Heath, in collaboration with PAHO, will commence the work of further refining these models, by taking a closer look at integrated care management. Stakeholders will review concepts, examine best practice models and discuss challenges. The 3-day workshop will take place from May 30th to June 1st, 2017 at the Financial Administrative Building at Point Seraphine.

On the final day of the workshop, a small technical working committee will outline the work plan for the development of a proposal for integrated care delivery in Saint Lucia.

The design of an integrated model of care for Saint Lucia is funded by PAHO and will be executed over a four month period. The finished product will be presented to all stakeholders by September, 2017.

This product will form a major component of the governance model for the health sector.

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