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Image: A design of the proposed Pearl of the Caribbean.

FOR some time now, I’ve been listening to the news bulletins and the Opposition and I must say that as a young citizen of St. Lucia, I would love to speak out.

The UWP came to power on June 6, 2016. Before this said date, the country was governed by SLP, which had the country in a mess. No one was on their backs in their first year in government. They gave UWP so much talk about the Olympic Stadium and the St. Jude Hospital whereas the hospital was close to completion under the UWP. They took office in 2011 and instead of completing the hospital, they added more cost to it and up to this day it has not been opened.

Vieux Fort a real ghost town: no more Plantation Restaurant, no more Palace House, no more business in the town. Laborie nothing to talk about.

Between 2011 and 2016, St. Lucia was in turmoil. Now we have a government to take this country from this turmoil and make it what it suppose to be, SLP is making it look like corruption.

My young people of St. Lucia, let’s think of betterment for ourselves and our country. It’s not every time we ought to depend on our Ministers! Opportunities are coming towards us; let’s all grasp it. Let’s not be deceived by all those lies from the Opposition.

DSH Project is one of the many. How can a project be built here in St. Lucia and St. Lucians are not being employed? Ridiculous! SLP makes us believe in their LIES, LIES, LIES. Kenny Anthony represented Vieux Fort for 20 years. Name ten things you are contented with in his time. You can’t. SLP needs to keep shut, sit and observe the improvements being done.

If I were to make any decision as to which party I would stick with, it would be the UWP. I have been observing from Parliament, the Opposition’s arrogant and condescending tone of voice, the lack of transparency, negligence, mistrust, and the list goes on.

When UWP was in opposition, they never interfered unduly — not until June 6, 2016 when we young people took to the polls.

All the protesters against projects, look at them clearly, young people. They know where they stand. They have their homes, food on their tables and they are using us to carry their placards.

This government is NOT — and I repeat — is NOT a corrupt government; they are there for the people of this country. We need to give them time to do what’s best for us. Let’s not listen to the Opposition and focus on a brighter future for our children family and country. Let’s rally with the UWP. Let’s support Government projects. Let’s open our eyes.


  1. UWP did not interfere? What was Chastanet doing in England lobbying politicians to lift the diplomatic immunity of Juffali so that he could benefit from the fall out? What was he doing taking his supporters to the streets demonstration against what he claimed was the artificially high cost of fuel? What was he doing when he said there was a hidden cost which SLP was benefiting from yet up now they cannot come up with the proof of that?

    As usual you will see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. The truth itself is not important. What did the audit of the hospital in VF reveal? Why is big mouth Guy silent on it? Why has he not told us who commissioned the audit? Why has he not told us who the consultants were? Remember Chastanet on the Juffali case?

    A united St Lucia is a stronger St Lucia. Unconditional support for any politician or political party is a danger to progress.

  2. That’s just it. The unknown writer (much like the Tomb of the unknown soldier at battlefield cemeteries) represents the dangerous IMPULSIVITY of our youthful wasteland. The danger of being snared by a false sense of omnipotence (that is why youth are the cannon fodder around the irrational hostilities around the planet) is verified in the demographic data..
    It is the kind of commentary that echos the hypnotized political puppet .
    Even a 5th grader running a lemonade stand can explain why the VFort wholesale GIVEAWAY to the Asian subcontinent is a perpetual Grandstand LOSER (pun intended) for Looshans .
    NOT even horse poo scooper is a sure bet job for any looshan. PLease READ THE VAGARIES of the now BINDING agreement. . REMEMBER the recovery of the purchase of citizenship is tied to all available jobs.
    In addition , very high skills experience standards are necessary for ANYONE in the proximity of these mega expensive thoroughbreds. This includes a waste (POO) management technician /specialist. Improper or lax grooming can be a VECTOR of disease for these animals.
    Therefore, would I gamble on training a novice looshan or take on an expeienced Asian who also speaks my language….. Now repeat that scenario for all jobs. Construction you say . The firm that was hired have all their parts intact and can ship via the Panama Canal in less than a week. Why break up my crew /buy more expensivls. when everything needed is super cheaper in ASIA. Besides the GESTALT of a shared language and customs dictates a more cost efficient and most expedient outcome.
    There is no clause in the toilet paper cum Framework of Agreement that remotely offers a mandatory mhuiring of one or more Looshans on the site.
    Security guards you say? Ha Ha. Have you studied the punitive law enforcement system of Signapore?
    Besides public Cane floggings you are dettered from ever viewing icarceration in the manner our career criminals view Hotel Bordelais. Therefore , the Asians will trust their own highly skilled (think martial arts mastery).

    Mandarin and Asiatic dialects are very difficult to learn. .
    Just a snippet of why and how the Asians will KEEP all job offerings -for ASIUANS only
    Nuff said!

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