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“Outlandish and Baseless” – Chastanet

PRIME Minister Allen Chastanet has described as “outlandish” and “baseless” comments made by the opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to revisit the changes to the Citizen Investment Programme (CIP) that were made last January.

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

The SLP made the comments last week soon after staging a walkout of Parliament last Tuesday following a decision by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Leonne Theodore John, based on a request from the Prime Minister, not to allow a Motion presented by the Opposition to be debated.

The Motion was removed from the Order Paper the morning of the debate, prompting the walkout. The SLP shortly after said that whenever it resumes office, it would, without any hesitation, reinstate the net worth requirement of the CIP and will undertake another due diligence assessment on each and every application granted under the present administration.

The SLP also promised to revoke passports of applicants who do not meet the $3 million net worth requirement or does not meet the strict due diligence requirements which St. Lucians expect.

Further, the SLP said it would demand that all citizens who did not donate the full contribution amount of US$200,000 will be compelled to top up the contribution that they made at the time of becoming citizens.

The SLP claimed that the strong stand taken against the CIP management was as a result of the refusal of the Prime Minister and the Speaker not to allow the debate on the Motion or to present a report on the CIP as required by law to Parliament.

Chastanet said that what the SLP threatened to do when in power cannot be implemented as it would be difficult to make the things the SLP say retroactive.

“It is an outlandish and baseless threat. That’s what it is,” Chastanet said.

“I do not understand the argument they are making,” Chastanet said. “The Labour Party is the one who started the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The Labour Party is attempting to suggest that because we lowered the price that, somehow, this is going to make the country less secured. None of the regulations as it pertains to background checks have been changed. In fact, if anything, they would be strengthened by new relationships that we have gain through the regional security forces,” Chastanet said.

Chastanet said the wording of the Motion by the SLP was, to his mind, “uncomfortable”. He said he did not feel comfortable debating it, and that the words used in the Motion cannot be contained in a Motion.

According to him, lowering the passport price of the CIP does not mean the programme undermines the country’s security or jeopardize its reputation.

“This is scare tactics, sour grapes by an opposition party that fails to realize every day that they are in opposition,” Chastanet said, adding he did not understand how the Opposition could debate a Motion on something that is not factual.

The motion reads as follows: “Be it resolved the Parliament by Negative Resolution approve that Regulation 7 (3) (a) and Regulation 7 (9) and Schedule 2 (1) Qualifying Investments as provided by Statutory Instrument No. 89 of 2015 be reinstated”.

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  1. Whether you were uncomfortable or not you had to operate within the law tet-flo. The country is sick and tired of your bulling and arrogance, Chastanet you have to go.

    1. “Why didn’t you all tell Kenny that he was breaking the law when he signed a document for greensberg, the governor general was the only one permitted to sign? Have you all ask Kenny about Rochamel and Frenwell, especially Frenwell? Why are you all continuing to undermine St Lucians?”

      1. I don’t think you know what I told KDA or what I didn’t tell him when he carried out the signings you quoted. But before KDA and before Chastanet should be the country. It is not because one messed it up that it is alright for one following him to messed it up as well otherwise the country will never progress. I don’t its a bad thing to tell it as it is: if your man is failing you say so. You never know it may be the wake up call he needs to up his game. No one has the god given right to remain at the helm after displaying a clear in ability to lead the country.

  2. Two wrongs don’t make it right. These guys came in doing exactly what they accused the past group of doing. We need to stop wallowing in the past and look at what’s presently happening. They promised open governance, transparency and openness, all we have is secret signings that will affect the lives of the next generation for a long time. Selling some of what makes us unique and getting so little in return. The ones that are set to gain from these investments are not the masses but the few well connected undeserving minions who knows full well where their next meal is coming from a year out.

  3. We’ll well, Dale Jacobs, the same forum you “used” to tell your ADK nothing, use it again-Zip! Every time SLP in opposition since after Adult Suffrage ,they find a way to undermine the government and it always come back to bite them in the butt; e.g. Vat and the supposed Extra Judicial killing and the target list that your ADK and faux lawyer Claudius Francis saw.Dale Jacob, go, “chu” on that.

  4. Unstable labour party. Always can’t stand their time in opposition, but completely mess up when in power. Kenny was too dumb trying to solidify his base with public policy to somehow build a legacy, instead of properly running the country. The populace is not dumb! If you perform in government, then your legacy will be written in the heart and minds of the people. You don’t have to lie to kick it. Reorganize, refocus and come back with some real plans for the country. Your sabotage tactics are not working. They only show a desperate party unwilling to move from their previous selves. Remember how the UWP changed its leader, removed a lot of the dead weight, and changed to a more precise message? Try that! Let the government execute its mandate set out in the election victory not less than a year ago. AN ELECTION VICTORY LABOUR FAILS TO ACKNOWLEDGE, because it would have to acknowledge that Calixte George Junior is completely disgusting as a surrogate in any forum.

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