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There’s a Limit To Untruths

THE downside of envy, jealousy, hatred and over zealousness altogether make a real cocktail for an extremely bitter and toxic individual, but more importantly, one who becomes a menace to society. The big question now posed to St. Lucians is, does anyone person within our ranks truly fit that description, or are there several persons who do?

St. Lucia is indeed a very small society where each other’s doings are virtually privy to all and sundry, but despite this drawback, it is important and most becoming to practice what is deemed correct. We make this argument today based on the nature of the internet and by extension particular talk shows which continue to malign individuals for no rhyme or pertinent reasons by spewing hatred and anger on an ongoing basis.

To be specific, many St. Lucians have witnessed the venom directed towards the present Prime Minister by a particular TV host and in all fairness, the Prime Minister has simply ignored the rhetoric as St. Lucians spoke with one voice at the polls only eight months ago. The current Prime Minister however, does not share the kind of response of former Prime Ministers by threatening citizens with court actions for every comment but there is a limit to untruths which must be addressed. There was a reason for the change in Government and those who continue exhibiting their animosity remain on a path of self-destruction.

Certain talk show hosts who promote their programmes with slogans such as “CAN I HELP YOU” needs to rebrand their slogan to read “CAN I HURT YOU” as this programme has never been noted to help anyone.

Politicians within our ranks who were once given the opportunity to serve but for whatever reason voters decided to rescind their franchise from one individual to another must be respected. Further, when international governments decide to restrict the travel of ministers of Government, these individuals need to reflect on their actions and address the restoration of their dignity as visas are not withdrawn for good behaviour but most likely for bad behaviour. A wise old man once declared that the eleventh commandment omitted by the good Lord is; “THOU SHALL NOT BE CAUGHT” and on that score the person or persons who fit this bill should think clearly lest evil continues to haunt them ad infinitum.

C. Deterville

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