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EVERYONE has been born with some form of talents. At what stage of our lives do we recognise our talents? As we are being brought up by our family, we are introduced into many different things, and at some point our talents are being recognised. In a very special way, your talents are being accepted in your country, as a talent is a service in every way.

On some occasions people do not recognise their talent, but at some point they try something and it works well for them, and so they never neglect it. That of course was their talent. Here are some of the things that persons do, and as a result they manage to recognise their talents. Writing, Football, Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Gardening, Photography, Art, Cooking, Teaching, and lots of other things in their lives and for those of their country. Also, even if we do not have some things being done in our country, we always acknowledge what is done in other countries, and so we enjoy these as well.

The Lord wants us to apply the talents that He has given to us in our lives, and so if we use these properly, we can improve, and have a joyful life as persons are very happy to see how we handle our talents. Similarly, it is always rewarding when you take it seriously.

Another thing that we sometimes do not recognise, is that our talent is a service to others. Whatever we are doing, it is giving attendance to others and so they get to learn. They try to improve their talents, and in the end, they enjoy what they have learnt, and so they attend to others. When we seriously think about this, we will be totally dedicated to the talents that have been created for us, for in so doing, we can properly focus on our life’s journey.

When you acknowledge your talents, you then appreciate that you have more than you ever dreamed of in life. If you never try to improve your talents, you will never know what your life mission is, and so you keep on changing all that you do. Of course, you will never find your beautiful talent without trying something. So please open your minds and hearts, so that you can identify your talents and you will be able to do it all.

We see very few people singing in a church choir. Have they recognised their talent so that they can share their lovely singing with others? Are there many talents in gardening at this time? Our country needs this. Are our sports people totally dedicated in different types of sports, so that they can travel overseas and compete with others, winning and enjoying themselves? There is so much to be done so we can have some proper improvement in our lives.

Let us all focus on our talents, so that our country can be joyful, active, and everyone will be doing something special, so that they can assist us all.

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  1. Mary Juliana Brice: You write very well and I appreciate that. What’s more
    I think you are a living breathing Christian. The world would be a much better place to be if we were more honest with ourselves and do the things that make one another happy. We do not know each other, but I’m happy St.Lucia keeps producing persons of talent, and I hope I’m not the only one who have noticed that. Mary, I see you there as a motivational speaker and this is one of your talents I believe you should travel to many locations abroad where St. Lucian are located, organize a ” Lucian talk and exhibition” Mary, you should organize some ladies to come,
    show their stuff, singing, painting sculptor, and other art. think about it and let us know right on here. May the good lord bless you in this effort.

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