Be Bold For Change

AS we observe International Women’s Day 2017, we at the Crisis Centre have reflected on the theme for this year: “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE” and as we focus on our new thrust in our advocacy , the sustainability of our role in the women’s empowerment effort and support for the equality of both genders is imperative.

To advance the cause of empowering our women and engendering a gender balanced society it is mandatory that we re-examine the nurturing and socialization practices in our households and communities. Women are key agents of change, yet very few get an opportunity to participate in the decision making processes that shape the national and international development agenda aimed at reducing poverty , social justice and ensuring sustainable livelihoods of the vulnerable. The drastic change that has evolved in the feminine movement for the improved conditions of women brings a reservoir of hope.

This year’s theme aptly suggests that we need to focus on action strategies that will focus on progress towards the economic and political empowerment of our women. We must re-examine our education, socialization and nurturing practices within the home in order to facilitate the overall development of young girls into being highly motivated women who will become critical thinkers and be BOLD in their participation in the economic, social and political processes that shape their lives. We must find innovative strategies to encourage our young women and girls to embrace developmental trends.

The St. Lucia Crisis Centre recognizes that it cannot only serve as a Civil Society Group for one segment of the populace but must also seek to play a more proactive role in preventative and restorative programming that seeks to continue empowering young girls and women to play more meaningful roles in community and nation building; to focus on mentoring , coaching and socialization activities that will foster this new approach to our socialization and nurturing practices and allow them to focus on new roles for themselves beyond those traditionally assigned to them by society as wives and home-makers . We want them to know that they can develop their capacity to aspire to become national development leaders and innovators.

We need to serve as advocating partners for inspiring that change we seek!! As we forge the advancement of women and girls, let us celebrate their accomplishments!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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