Massy Trains Its Leaders

Image: Trainees with their diplomas

THE leadership team at Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. is now better equipped to handle the challenges of their jobs.

Over the last eight months the team of has been undergoing an intensive leadership development programme designed to build and enhance their capacities to lead their teams.

Image: Trainees with their diplomas
Trainees with their diplomas

The programme was developed and facilitated by St. Lucian Professor Dr.Harvi Millar, working with a core group of local and regional trainers and is fully endorsed by St. Mary’s University of Canada. At the certificate presentation ceremony Dr. Millar encouraged the team to make full use of the information gleaned to strengthen their company, their staff members and help build the island’s economy overall.

Some of the areas of training included Project Management, Change Management, Creative Problem Solving, Team Dynamics and Process Reengineering. These areas of focus were necessary to fill competency gaps and prepare the team to more adequately take on the future of the company which continues to grow in a number of areas. ,

Massy Stores’ Managing Director Martin Dorville, was very pleased with the outcome of the programme, in which he participated as well. He acknowledged that in order to build a high-performing team and optimize people’s expertise, companies must invest in leadership development by building competence and capability in a number of strategic areas. He thanked and praised his leadership team which included the General Manager of Massy Stores St. Vincent for their commitment, and in some instances, the level of sacrifice it took to get the training done.

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