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To Flee Or Not To Flee

Image: West Indians gathering in New York City.
Image: West Indians gathering in New York City.
West Indians gathering in New York City.

DONALD Trump has won the US elections! Donald Trump has won the US elections! Donald Trump…yes, he has won the US elections!

Please excuse my repetition, but I’m still hoping that someone somewhere would just come out and correct me by saying that Hillary Clinton won, and to also tell me that I was actually muttering whilst having a bad dream.

I was one of the millions who stayed up till the wee hours of the November 9 to hear the results, and as soon as it became evident that the mighty orange one had won, my thoughts immediately went over to the hundreds of St. Lucians who are living in the US illegally.

Now whilst many people are still reeling over Trump’s victory, I’m already looking to the future and trying to make sense of this nonsense.

There has been a media frenzy with foreign nationals airing their concerns over their future in the US, and of course, the main focus is on illegal immigrants who are seemingly on top of the list of Trump’s to-do list.

Jokes and parodies have been entertaining the masses albeit sending a stark and serious message of what just might be looming possibilities, ever since the results were official, but I wonder if people realise the gravity of this issue.

Whilst Trump might not get his way as easily as he initially thought he would, seeing that even his fellow Republicans see him as a dangerous abomination to their GOP, I get the feeling that Trump’s ginormous ego will see him get his own way just so that he could save face amongst his naysayers and his supporters alike.

In other words, immigration is his number one priority, but I foresee his ideas and methods being fought down at each end until he puts his big boys pants on and starts thinking rationally…you know, like an adult/leader of the free world should. And whilst he most likely will achieve his goal of mass expulsion, it will take a little while and in his words, “huuuuge” amounts of money…they will have to spend “bigly”, so the hysterical panic is not (in my opinion) necessarily warranted.

But anyhow, what does that even mean for St. Lucians here and there and St. Lucia itself?

Here’s a mild version of the scenario: Trump has vowed that he will immediately target illegal criminals. Now please don’t mistake that term for people who are staying in the country illegally, he is literally talking about people who are involved in crimes and criminal activities, and or people who are incarcerated…as long as they don’t have the legal right to stay in the US, he has vowed to find and deport them.

As for the fate of other illegal immigrants who are law abiding individuals, he has simply said “We’re gonna make that determination.” when it comes to their fate…in other words, we’ll see how it goes and how we feel at the time. Now I’m sorry to sound like a negative Nancy, but coming from a volatile (to say the least) “person” like Trump, that is nothing to get comfortable about.

Now picture this: you have lived in the US for your entire adult life or for decades…this is the place you call home and this man has now been given the power to take that away from you…I get the fear and worry, but if it’s any consolation…home is not as bad as you may think.

On the other hand, if you happened to be one of those persons who made no bones about your disdain for your homeland and your people because of news like certain crimes or because your party didn’t win the last elections, so you felt empowered enough to denounce St. Lucia or state that you are ashamed to be a Lucian, then *scoff* like Pringles and Kiedel Sonny said (in their viral social media video) “Come Home” and take what you get.

For these people, these that I just mentioned and them alone, I have zero sympathy.

Going back to implications, I bet you did not realise that we in St. Lucia are the ones who should be worried about Trump’s plan. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, St. Lucia is already infested with criminals…what on earth are we going to do with that lot coming from the States with their newfound methods and sinister criminal minds?

God alone knows what these people were doing over there…you know, in that big ole country where serial killers and rapists are bred, where the drug game is on a completely different level to ours seeing that they have knowledge or deadlier and more addictive drugs like Heroin, Ecstasy, Crystal Meth etc…I hope that authorities and locals will not try to fool themselves into thinking that we can handle this.

This is the one issue that has me quaking in my boots over this twilight zone victory.

With that said, I am not calling or asking for this, I’m simply stating this very bleak and terrifying possibility, and I hope with my all that should this issue arise, the people of St. Lucia can rest assured knowing that they will be protected.

In conclusion, whilst I would like to tell my people over in the US to be vigilant and prepared for what could come, I would like to tell them to firstly breathe and then take your time to think carefully about your next move.

I would also like to tell them do not be so terrified about coming back to your home if this is the only choice you are faced with.

Trust me when I say that although readjustment might not be easy peasy, you just might be surprised to find that life here is less stressful, happier and all around better than it is over there…come back to the land of your birth.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...



  1. Rochelle,

    I didn’t hear your blood-curdling screams when Obama actually oversaw the deportation from the US, of undocumented immigrants; more than all other previous presidents, combined!

    You need to stop spewing your unsupported opinions, and start getting facts first!

    Here are some facts which you will never see reported in the corporate media:

    1. NUDGE?:( !……..
      I deeply suspect you of being a MOLE for the MI-5 & CIA and a double agent for the KGB 🙂
      Granted……Thou art a very smart schizophrenic 🙁
      On your schizoid Right……. you love adore and serve THE CORPORATE greed of TRUMP and Chas
      On your schizoid left ……….you flip masks to proclaim the readings from the annals of the grassroots anti corporate extreme left.
      I doubt that the real nudge will show up for even his own funeral 🙂

    1. Nudge/
      Your psychotic Pudge is glaring
      How can you be Extremely Leftist as in ANTI Corporate on one hemisphere of you brain
      Then LOVE WORSHIP Trump /Chas and the icons of the Aristocratic class on the other…
      Garcon ou Foo!

    1. With the exception of initiating and deploying Obama Care and improved Cuban relations – all else has been “carrying out the law of the land” as president.
      I am against the deportation of sentenced criminals simply because it means they pay no time for their crime n the US or home country-a fact that reciprocal Judicial treaties can remedy….Alas the burden of costs!
      Lady Rochelle pointed to the fact of being dumped on with hardened sophisticated criminals beyond the local experiences and training of our constabulary.
      Yet you bypass her lamentations with your false loyalty to extreme left publications.
      You are patently DISINGENUOUS………
      N’est pas?

    1. Nudge/
      `Your Bible speaks clearly about “separating the wheat from the Chaff” as in Wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing…n’est pas?
      The cold steely leather of your SS uniform is showing……..
      Sieg Heil

    1. Nudge
      So because you read Karl Marx to pass an online Sociology class you tink u can bluff others into accepting you as a Che or Franz Fanon follower
      …Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL around the equatorial belt 🙂
      Trump and Castro could never share the same planet but in your political drip you have them as the buns on which your grilled hotdog (frank-further? 🙂 ? ) is relished with yellow mustard.
      At the very least you are an imposter.
      At your very best you are a rising Gestapo enforcer within Flambeau.

    1. The summary of Bush’s SHOCK & AWE in Iraq was to elect Obama as Clean up the mess House boy
      A good bet (CoCo Dan thinking)
      is that a Latina Vice President will be part of the winning presidential team to clean up Trump’s Total Annihilation @ either Korean Peninsula (VERY LONG SHORT)
      Horn of Africa (recall the debacle at Mogadishu)
      or Tip of Arabian Peninsula as in Yemen (threatened encroachment on the ROYAL OIL FIELDS )

    1. Nudge,
      Your campaign is so elementary, mon cher 🙂
      You attack FREE THINKERS with exclusive perseverance……hmmmmmmmmmm
      Earl a middle of the road St Lucian Fulcrum
      Rochelle, lady who won’t hold back my advocacy for a just society
      Your scheme fits rather nicely as a SHADOW (think faithful dog) to Fuhrer Chas’ need to control free thinking .
      He was so caught red handed in his fopah admonishing the journalist who questioned the Royal Horney Harrier’s hedonistic hospitality arrangements.
      So the Gestapo is deployed to take on the nazi schematics of intimidating /blocking free thinking journalists fortwith
      You may have read Mein Kampf
      But I have studied Dr. Goebells EXTENSIVELY.
      I so wanted to attempt a dissertation on this modern master of political propaganda in lieu of an experimental psychology thesis .
      You best believe I can read your nefarious mindset Ober Dietrich
      Sieg Heil

  2. Rochelle,

    Your unsupported (fact-less) opinion piece is titled, “To Flee, or Not to Flee” (presumably modeled on Hamlet’s soliloquy for its catchiness) for all the wrong reasons.

    I submit that it is the legacy of the Obama administration which has rekindled the primitive reaction in mankind, “Fight or Flight”.

    1. Nudge
      Nice Gestapo propaganda that is equally heralded by Ku Klux Klan rednecks…..”he once prayed at a Mosque so 4 decades later he is a banker for ISIS.
      And your geriatric Trump supports that same line as he continuously asserted that the birth place of Obama was NOT American soil…implying that Obama is a sympathizer for radical Islamic thought.
      So you do see your apparent HYPOCRisy
      Supporting anti corporate extremists left wing rhetoric on one of your lobes then supporting the king of corporate greed on another.
      This is indicative of CRAZY (foo) Executive functioning within your cranium!

    2. Nudge,
      When a hermaphrodite squabbles with a lady…..
      it is so difficult to discern its gender orientation
      I proffer that you are projecting from neither Mars nor venus.
      Nudge ! Thou art the after play moist musky residual pudge on the satiated lining of Queen Jezebel’s devious Victoria Secret French hi Cut………………..her ou la la!..still resonates between your lines………..

    3. Nudge,
      Recall how Loyalists ere tarred and fathered by patriots during the agitations leading to the Revolutionary War ( a topic that your Fuhrer dislikes with passionate persecutory anxiety).
      Well for your devious disingenuous propaganda dribble whose aim is to smear and discredit Lady Rochelle’s Column I pass the following warrant (albeit virtulal) on your person:
      That you , Nudge, be taken to Wm Peter Boulevard to be stripped to your thong, hog tied and completely smeared with white glue. Then, incarcerated women treated to a liberty pass, shall dip one side of a clean tampax or kotex in a bucket of swine blood and affix it to your body…
      After 3 hours of drying you will be paraded to the front of the central market on Jeremie street where your lunch will be served to you in a Trough.
      NB The participating women will be treated to a shopping and restaurant spree followed by a weekend at a special seaside camp- like girl scouts used to do. Al this in exchange for their service in the above ritual.

  3. Nudge,
    When a hermaphrodite squabbles with a lady…..
    it is so difficult to discern its gender orientation
    I proffer that you are projecting from neither Mars nor venus.
    Nudge ! Thou art the after play moist musky residual pudge on the satiated lining of Queen Jezebel’s devious Victoria Secret French hi Cut………………..her ou la la!..still resonates between your lines………..

  4. Mirage (aka Mental 0),

    Here’s a challenge for you: Try to debunk Haiphong’s anthology of Obama’s real legacy, if you dare; you will surely fail. Then, you will know why cognitive dissonance caused your insane mutterings in this thread.

  5. Nudge.
    I used the nom de plume O to invoke the dexterity of the legendary Japanese fighter aircraft- for this encounter.
    The very loud battle clarion you mistakenly heard in muffled tones ( the stubborn wax buildup in your ears) was the Samurai derivative of BANZAI!.
    Your false representation of extreme left rhetoric has no place on this thread …PERIOD!
    I would respectfully engage your discussion within the context of a thread that is relative to your gauntlet.
    What we have here is an attack on a female writer in accord with the livid attack on another journalist by the Yellow Fuhrer.
    You talk of dissonance -here is your major DISCONNECT:
    Rochelle’s topic and theme focused on the bread and butter plight of vulnerable Looshans in the Diaspora and on island faced with Trump’s immigration threats.
    You are so keen on kissing arz of aristocrats and this isolationist that you did what extreme Trumpanatics do:
    Gutter everything OBAMA to make Trump look like the latest version of the Messiah @ Calvary.
    We all know that the US gov is a TRIANGLE of shared balancing of power and influence.
    How in Dante’s Inferno can you single out just the presidency for all of the outcomes of US governance?
    The Tea party influenced -GOP LED Congress wanted NO IMMIGRATION REFORM ideas before it wheras Obama did.
    This galvanized Trump’s DISS-respectful rhetoric even against his NAFTA partner- Mexico. Perchance this is a precursor to saber rattling and agitation to copy Putin’s annexation of Crimea – for eventual seizure of Mexico’s OILFIELDS……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Hey, RICH aristocrat Bush protected oil interests in Saudi Peninsula and environs
    via his search for weapons of mass destruction
    Dig this my Right Wing extremist:
    Trump could declare that Mexico is ineffective in stopping the cartels from making all that tax free profits on the heads of US Addicts via via an open attack on the drug pipeline of mass “societal” destruction.
    Go in full force after a few on the border regions thereby hurting Mexican machismo and the shadowy military junta responds……..the oil fields are seized as compensation for US casualties ….
    We’re in the money.
    Remember the triggers for grand scale annexations , wars etc. can be trivial or innocuous “foreplay”
    Nudge you may not comprehend “foreplay” as the gender challenged HERMAPHRODITE that you are.
    So rid your guns and bombs propaganda sales pitch on behalf of Trumpetonomics off Lady Rochelle’s column of Bread and butter concerns for her little people.

  6. Nudge Proof positive that you are a nazi sympathizer and Yellow Fuhrer loyalists.
    Like the gestapo you attack only the FREE THINKERS on this forum.
    Hitler never ordered anyone to create the extermination camps…he stated.. that he needed a solution for his problem with the Jews.
    He merely promoted celebrated competition among his dogs of war to design the most economical methodology for solving his problem
    Himmler the chicken farmer with no stomach for witnessing the effective usage of his design for extermination camps- won.
    Your Yellow fuhrer merely showed his discontent and assumed persecutory anxiety with “free reign” journalists and all the gestapo dogs are in seek and destroy “Viet Congs” modus operandi.
    You use this forum in the hope to earn your Gestapo iron Cross award…by attacking free style journalists!
    Nudge I have assigned my top reserved kamikaze for your carrier’s fuel and ammunitions storage bays….en garde or rather ACHTUNG!

  7. I reiterate here that my opinion of Trump can be summed up in my title suggestion for Earl:

    “Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss”

    That line can accurately be applied back through Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, and Bush 1. They’ve all pursued the same domestic & foreign policies:

    -Wars around the globe to loot the resources of sovereign nations & sow political chaos for sustaining the petro-dollar as reserve currency;

    -Looted the public treasury by removing restrictive legislation on the financial sector & implementation of Quantitative Easing (peeing in our eyes and calling it rain), thereby completing the transfer of nations’ wealth to the 1% elite.

    -broke up unions, ruined the middle class, repressed Blacks & Latinos by jailing them disproportionately, and brutalizing them via the militarized police.

    -unprecedented surveillance state (the Stasi is no competition) for ensuring fascism remains unopposed.

  8. Continuing from above:

    Americans voted Trump in to be a paragon of their Xenophobia – they’ll be happy if his wall is actually built to keep out Mexicans & other Latinos..

    The rest of the world is very worried that his piddling wall will not be able to keep the criminal US military in!

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