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Civil Status Registry and Office of the Adjudicator to remain on Brazil Street

The public is informed that the Civil Status Registry and Office of the Adjudicator have reviewed a recent decision to relocate to a new building effective Tuesday, November, 1, 2016. The offices will no longer be relocated and shall continue to operate at the same location on Brazil Street, Castries until further notice.

Permanent Secretary in the Department of Justice, Dr. Cadelia Ambrose, explained that the best interest of both the staff and general public is a priority even as attempts are being made to return operations to a state of normalcy.

She made the following statement to apprise the public of the situation on Monday, October, 2016: “Lately, numerous measures are being embraced to address the longstanding occupational health and safety hazards faced at the Civil Status Registry and Adjudicator’s Office. Initially a relocation decision was taken and a press release indicated that the offices would be closed from Thursday last week until Monday, October 31. However, the decision was rethought based on the fact that the closure timeframe provided adequate time needed to rectify the existing health and safety issues.”

Additionally, Dr. Ambrose highlighted that the concerns of management within the Department of Justice and the Public Service revolve around the welfare of the public as well: “Considering that Civil Status Registry and Office of the Adjudicator provide services that are heavily patronized by the general public, we had to take into consideration that the new location proved not readily accessible to the elderly and handicapped in particular.”
The Civil Status Registry and Office of the Adjudicator apologize for any inconvenience caused to the public.

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