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Samarian Scholarship Fund Awards Scholarship for the Academic Year 2016-2017

The NCF and alumni of the St. Mary’s College are currently working to establish a new Donor Advised Fund called the Samarian Scholarship Fund with the purpose of assisting talented and promising students who are unable to maximize their potential because of financial challenges.

The beneficiaries of this fund will be students who have excelled at the Common Entrance Exam, are financially needy and are actively involved in a community group.

On Friday, September 2, 2016 the fund presented scholarships valued at $500 each to three students who recently succeeded the Common Entrance Examination, and will be attending the St. Mary’s College. The first three recipients scored 85% and above in the exam and wrote eloquently and passionately about why they should receive the assistance.
The ceremony took place at the NIC Conference.

All past students of the SMC and the public in general are encouraged to donate to the Fund at the Bank of St. Lucia.

The National Community Foundation (NCF) is a philanthropic, nonprofit, community based, non-governmental organization that functions primarily as a grant making institution. The NCF was established in August 2002 and supports initiatives that engender self-development and social upliftment through the provision of assistance to emerging individual and community needs in education, health, social services, art and culture, community development, environment and civic affairs.

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