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Questions, Questions

Had we lived in a mature democracy with mature self-assured men and women at the helm, someone would have invited the persons who negotiated the new multi-billion dollar investment to explain it to the people of Saint Lucia.

Where is the project to be located? When exactly will it begin? When will it be completed in its entirety? And how are the people of Saint Lucia to be prepared to earn top dollars from the top jobs in the project from start to finish? How did they plan to develop the airport and get it ready for the increase in air traffic anticipated? Why the former government kept this project such a secret still baffles me. Perhaps those who headed the Citizenship by Investment movement may help us understand the full benefits of this investment.

— Just waiting.


  1. All of a sudden SLP hacks have found their voice. Where were you when the Greenberg fiasco, the Jufali affair to name a few were done secretly without prior discussions with the people of Saint Lucia. If you could not have spoken on these prior projects, then shut the hell up.

  2. It seem to me UWP is quite happy to take advantage of the secrecy surrounding Pearl’s negotiations. It can easily make it look though it is responsible for bringing it to the country. In this way it takes the credit. Well there are more credits to be had. Now that SLP don’t occupy the seat of power it could be easily dragged before a court and asked to account for its mishandling and other illegalities committed in the Greenberg and Jufali affairs. If UWP can’t do that then all its hacks should shut up!

  3. On behalf of PEETAR JOSIE’s Latrine Emporium , may I ask where the 700+ villas of this project will dump their TOILET la gee geet.
    My guess is “We UWP do not need no STINKING environmental impact study”!
    Unless VFortians file a class action suit to sue us in the World court at Hague, Brussels, Belgium….n’est pas?

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