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Opposition Party Responds To US 2.6 b Project for Vieux Fort

Image: Moses Jn Baptiste and Ernest Hilaire at the press conference.
Image: Moses Jn Baptiste and Ernest Hilaire at the press conference.
Moses Jn Baptiste and Ernest Hilaire at the press conference.

POLITICAL and environmental issues are being raised over the US$2.6 billion project that was signed last week by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and developers, Desert Star Holdings Ltd.

Questions are being asked about whether environmental impact assessments and related studies were done prior to the signing and whether environmental groups like the St. Lucia National Trust (SLNT) gave the project their approval.

An SLNT spokesperson told The VOICE yesterday that “at this point, the Trust will not comment until it meets with its Council and members.”

It is unclear when the Trust would be able to make a statement on the project since its director, BishnuTulsie is said to be out of the island.

Meanwhile Moses Jn Baptiste, the former Agriculture Minister said the project could have a lasting impact on the agriculture, fisheries and livelihood of coastal communities.

JnBaptiste,at a press conference yesterday, recalled that he was part of discussions concerning the project when his government was negotiating with developers back in 2014.

“In addition to my direct participation in the discussions, one officer from the then ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Production, Cooperatives and Rural Development attended at least one of the discussions and made oral submissions. The Permanent Secretary of the then ministry which I was responsible for was also briefed on the possible impacts of the proposed project on our sector, Agriculture, Fisheries and the livelihoods in coastal communities.

“During the discussions at my first briefing, it was very clear that the investors wanted the newly constructed Meat Processing Facility to be removed or not commissioned, as according to them the slaughtering of animals especially swine was incompatible with the development. In addition the entire Beausejour Farm Station buildings needed to be demolished to accommodate the new development.

“It was my view then and I impressed on the developers that the Meat Processing Facility could not be moved or demolished as government had expended a large sum in addition to that donated by the government of Taiwan. Subsequent to my submissions another meeting was held and at that meeting new plans were presented which kept the meat processing facility. Pork and pork preparations however would have to be disallowed,” Jn Baptiste said.

He said that during the discussions there were extensive environmental issues associated with the project, especially with the use of the Mankote′ Swamp.

Dr. Ernest Hilaire, the Labour Party’s shadow Minister on Commerce and Investment, also present at the press conference, noted that the Labour Party had involved the National Trust in the preliminary discussions but wished to enquire whether they were consulted before the final agreement was signed.

Both Jn. Baptiste and Hilaire believe that the project, if it materialises, has the potential to contribute significantly to the development of the southern part of the island, diversify the island’s investment portfolio and in particular, help to reduce unemployment in the island. However, they shared the view that for the promised benefits to materialise, the project will have to be designed and implemented with considerable sensitivity as it could cause major disruption and dislocation in the lives of citizens in the south of the island.

Said Hilaire: “ It is interesting that the former SLP Government was in negotiations with the developer over a period of at least eighteen months and within less than two months of being elected to office, the Allen Chastanet led government has signed on the dotted line and agreed to proceed with the project. We note that the project has been signed with absolutely no dialogue by the current Government with the community of Vieux Fort.”

He added that while the former government had agreed on most of the fundamental points of the agreement with the developer, DSH, there were some critical elements which required national consultation and even parliamentary debate and approval.

Hilaire, however, had some questions for the government. According to him the government press release speaks to the Desert Star project being the first and only integrated resort development project in Saint Lucia.

“Does that mean that the Allen Chastanet Government agreed that there cannot be any approval given to a local or foreign investor for another integrated resort development? If so, can the Prime Minister clarify what was agreed upon as an integrated resort development? Were any exclusive rights given to DSH for the operation of a casino, horse racing facility, betting facilities or citizenship by investments? If so, how would these concessions, if granted, impact other investors who may wish to invest in Saint Lucia presently and in the future?” Hilaire asked.

Said Hilaire: “The Prime Minister announced that horse racing aspect will become a qualifying investment. The Saint Lucia Labour Party must ask why this is necessary if the horse racing facility and casino are parts of a hotel development project which currently qualifies as an investment under the CIP. Further does that mean that any investor interested in horse racing can apply under the CIP or is this exclusive for DSH? “

Hilairesaid the SLP also noted the procedures for CIP-approval status to be given and wished to know whether the CIP Unit received an application from the developers or CIP approval in accordance with the Act and its Regulations?

“More specifically, the Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to know whether the CIP Unit approved and made a recommendation for the project to be approved”, he asked.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party also notes that for a project to receive CIP-approved status it must be granted DCA ‘approval in principle’. Did the DCA provide such approval? This is critical because once a project is CIP-approved, the developer can commence selling investments which is a right to citizenship but if there is no DCA approval the project cannot commence. Further, if it is never approved what happens to the investments which applicants would have made? Therefore, has the DSH been given approval to commence marketing and selling citizenship through investment before it has DCA and CIP approval?


  1. ?

    ALLEN CHASTANET PROMISED HE WOULD DISMANTLE THE CIP IMMEDIATELY UPON HIS BECOMING LORD AND SAVIOUR OF BLACK PEOPLE, instead of dismantling C.I.P. this criminal has embarked to expand the program from 500 per annum to FIVE-THOUSAND per annum and you think that this Gambling Black Jack and Roll and Tumble scam will be any different? What do I have to say to you to understand that this Criminal Crime Family will not cease until they turn the Pitons to ashes ?

    Allen Chastanet has been adjudicated by the Courts as lacking credibility. However it’s his ability to deceive, lie, and defraud the people of this island as was done to the people of Soufriere when he stole some seventy-thousand dollars(includes interest) for his personal use; a case now being fought in the courts to avoid Allen from going to prison for Malfeasance.

    The worship of the naked white man on a cross-post by Black people has damaged the cognitive abilities of the population of this island, making them suckers for con men like the Chastanet Crime Syndicate.

    Chastanet continues to lie and bamboozle the “natives” with such frequency that one needs no further evidence that the natives are brain-damaged because of alcohol and praying to dead people.

    Here we see the Criminal Allen Chastanet, and the Mary Lajahbles Isaac engaged in deception of magnitude 10.9 on the Richter’s Scale, to perpetrate a massive FRAUD OF SOME SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS on the mentally ill natives of Saint Joseph Lucia.


  2. / correction

    Allen Chastanet has been adjudicated by the Courts as lacking credibility. However it’s his ability to deceive, lie, and defraud the people of this island, as was done to the people of Soufriere when he stole some seventy-thousand dollars(includes interest) for his personal use; a case now being fought in the courts to avoid Allen from going to prison for Malfeasance, that is most audacious.

  3. What is really ticking me off are these ” illiterate individuals” who attended a higher school of learning, banishing some type of paper, claiming to be educated.
    Once they obtain that document their brain appear to cease functioning and they walk around dazed, seeking and stealing ideas from other countries without for once thinking of how those ideas may or may not negatively impact the livelihood of their people in the long term. W Especially a third world country that desperately has and need huge priorities ahead of these meaningless undertakings’ that will almost completely deplete the little finance that the country struggles to function with at present. How dare these NINCOMPOOPS contribute towards the further pillage, rape and plunder if their own countries by endorsing these guaranteed projects that will only result in criminal activities, exploitation of their citizens and drain the finance if their country with 90% of their currency dollar being exported to a foreign country.
    Where is the leadership? These airheads lack the capacity to think cognitively. They lack the ability to lead. They are simply incompetent by their selection of choices and priorities.
    Then want to bask in their own glory, stroking their egos and calling the further plundering if their own countries progress. Can’t blame the “massah” for your lame leadership this time. You are the one responsible for your present destiny. They very ones in charge.
    What type of insane humans do we have representing us as leaders?
    The country desperately cries for new updated hospitals, schools, agriculture facilities and projects to benefit all in general, as that is the dependent source of income other than tourism for the majority of the population. Improving the water supply and making it accessible to all. Developing some of the lapidated villages and communities that desperately cry for a face uplift.
    Those should be top priorities to any government who CONSCIOUSLY THINK of wanting to gain power so as to better the lives of their people. Not one who has limited abilities when it comes to thinking and only resort to be fully dependent on ideas of other world leaders, irrespective as to weather these ideas help or further reduce their peoples’ livelihood in the not so long future.
    What makes the present or past government who were involved in the disastrous negotiations believe that the Chinese Government or These so call investors were experts in the thoroughbred business. Where is the proof of evidence, I challenge. We have heard of other countries who sponsor special promoting events in that field, but not that government…
    Politicians it is high time that you remove your cranium from your alimentary canal and start thinkin of responsible leadership. The people of the country deserve better.

  4. The SLP has questions to answer as well. It was in discussions with DSH for 18 months. Hilaire says during these discussions agreement was reached on most of the fundamental points of the agreement. What are these fundamental points on which agreement was reached? Was Parliamentary approval needed for these fundamental points? Did these agreements in any way compromise the role of the DCA? At what point would the SLP government have consulted the people of Vieux-fort on this project? They had 18 months to do so but said nothing. How can it be that if the project is CIP-approved the developer can start selling investments? Is the CIP usurping the role of the DCA? Does the CIP approval precede that of the DCA? Why is the CIP law written that way? What if the CIP approves and the DCA doesn’t?

    The problem seems to be the CIP.

    This CIP has a bad smell about it.

  5. Marco Polo you brought up some good points, but I believe that you are still missing the most important issue. The former administration was in negotiations for over 18 months and did it see it fit to sign anything yet means that they were being very responsible and careful so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. The new government after taking up office have already signed an agreement of that magnitude in only two months. How can that be a responsible government which is careful and practices due diligence? If the CIP is the problem then why is the current administration still going ahead with it and not scraping the program all together. Projects of that nature require extensive research and clarification on numerous aspects that will impact other functions, industries, and the lives of the citizens. I find it hard to believe that the new government would have been able to cover all these issues within a two months period. We need to stop thinking on party lines and focus our energies on the country as a whole and what we could do collectively to make things better and in the process improve our standard of living. For your information I am not an SLP or UWP, I am a St Lucian that will support good decisions regardless which party it comes from.

  6. I hold both parties for extreme poor judgement in even allowing or entertaining such discussions of this business venture. The mere fact that the previous administration was in discussion for eighteen months is cause for concern. Probably they were seeking additional perks on behalf of themselves and also were probably confident that after winning the elections would seal the deal.
    Irrespective of how one look into such a deal entertaining it shows extremely poor decision making on the parties representing the country.
    Individuals are struggling to cope with everyday household expenses in struggling to support their families due to high unemployment rates.
    Then the government is expecting them to risk their family budget monies and chance gambling it away with the lure they might strokestrike it rich.
    Of course they will wash their hands clean of any irresponsible behaviors by using the obvious disclaimer of please gamble responsibly.
    For argument sake if the locals are not the prime targets of these exploitations then who?. Do they expect the rich folks from more advanced countries that offer various types of gambling options to spend their monies in purchasing a travel ticket and simply come to gamble their monies on the island?
    If not those oversees people then who? It becomes obvious . Syndicate groups. Anywhere syndicate groups congregate there is only one outcome. Increase in crime, drugs, murders, rapes, prostitution to name a few.
    Maybe the deal was quickly signed because the main leader is also one of the top business owners on the island, making tho deal a perfect package to expand his business venture by renting or leasing part of that arena to expand his business. Making it a perfect marriage.

  7. Which leaves me with only one conclusion. We no longer have true leaders in this world. If so they are so sparse and few I between that they are not worth mentioning.
    What we gave are educated V.I. P.. Vagabonds in power whose sole intentions are to line their pockets at the expense of their country fellow men. Willing sellout everyone through deception by making false claims and promises, simply to get elected and once elected completely ignore the reasons why they were elected and appear to be solely focused on making deals that would further align their pockets. The perfect definition of Vagabonds In Power.

  8. We hear the word Demons mentioned and most of us envision some strange bizzare creature, appearing from out of nowhere, with looks never witnessed by any humans before. Not realizing that people’s behavior and their treatment of others are what make them Demons. They are in our very midst and you, I and the public at large are in constant contact or discussions with them. They cone in various shapes and forms. That is indeed very true.
    They are politicians, corporate executives, child molesters , rapists, cold callous murderers and even preachers. Those willing to compromise the teachings of the Bible to increase their congregations as as to collect additional tithes. All demons.

  9. They all share one thing in common. They abuse the trust that the public place in them as being normal trustworthy human beings.

  10. As a mere layman there is not much I can say on this subject. Instinctively I welcome any economic project to the country as it would be my view it would bring jobs and other commercial activities/opportunities. But my level of understanding of these matters also see the need for serious thought to many questions of a moral, ethical, ecological, cultural and environmental nature. One question readily comes to mind: why should the slaughtering of pork be moved from the immediate environs of the project. That don’t sit too well with me! On what grounds are such demands being made, religious or cultural? What else do we have to give up for a crumb of bread?

    Also cause for concern is the speed in which the Golden Balls put pen to paper. We may need the investment but we also want the best terms, conditions, protection and guarantees possible. It may turn out that Golden Balls has given the Pearl a cart blanche to operate as he pleases. Regrettably this is the preferred way of operation of free market capitalist. Golden Balls sees himself as one as well.


      dog farming is big MAFIA business ….go ALLEN GO.. BOW-HOW FAN-CHOU-MODAY CHOU

  11. AJ, as for me I’m color blind. I want only the best for my country and its people. But it cannot be only one government is at fault here. A project of that size and complexity and we’re hearing of it 2 years after the fact, after substantial agreements have been made. In addition to questioning what the Chastanet agreed to, the SLP should have told us what it agreed to. We should not have to wait for the National Trust to give us the answers we want. We need answers from both parties not just one. Even putting aside the technical stuff we have no idea how many of our passports will have to be sold to get this project off the ground.

    1. MARCO



      1. Poop head: you know very well, that project started during the King administration. It stalled when Kenny came in power, yes in the last 18 months of his term in office with massive pressure from Winton “horseman” Trim. Talks started again, this time with Hilaire leading the talks. Winston meet these guys in T &T and brought them to Saint Lucia. There is much, much more the SLP is not saying as usual.

        1. The negotiations stalled because Ahkhong wanted to get all the land and perks without putting up a penny out of his money, and Kenny said no deal! Then here comes Allan, who gets urinated on from head to toe Ahkhong. Lol

    1. Surah Al-Baqara/The Cow

      They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling.[] Say: “In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit, for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit.” And they ask you what they ought to spend. Say: “That which is beyond your needs.” Thus Allâh makes clear to you His Laws in order that you may give thought.”[] (219)

      Surah Al-Maeda/The Table Spread

      O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, and Al-Ansâb[], and Al¬Azlâm (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaitân’s (Satan) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful[]. (90)

  12. SOM; AJ; Julius/
    This is proof of the of the proverbial raison why it is “easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter righteous heaven.
    A shark has only one goal and one MODUS OPERANDI in life, with no regard for humble reef dwellers.
    Hopefully, some one can find a peetchweet (regional bird) at CoCo Dan or other threatened rare species of flora /fauna (ironic that human impact studies are least viable in 3rd world) and sue in a world court (Hague) to block this travesty.
    Not even the seasoned christians have seen through this veil of advanced usury. The emperor visited their congregations but it was their own anti- Christ leaders in their local pulpits who SWAYED them -Jim Jones like- to embrace the vulcan rapture of le Flambeau.
    “THEY KILL PARADISE TO PUT UP A PARKING LOT” (forgot the name of that songwriter who coined the lyric)

    1. What is observed here is these two swindlers Mary La Jahbles Isaac and the Chastanet Crime Family resort to scare tactics to create panic and fear in the minds of Lucians by citing all kinds of Terror images, so Allen could be placed to rule over the lives of Black people – a feat he was able to accomplish by rigging the election process.

      Now having promised the IMMEDIATE dismantling of CIP, he has illegally expanded that same program by asking for an unlimited number of individuals who can become citizens; signing this agreement without the approval of the House since he is confident that his BOLOMS MPs will do exactly what they are told, or suffer the humiliation handed to King for not obeying this little thief Allen Two-Face Chastanet.



  13. What is observed here ARE these two swindlers Mary La Jahbles Isaac and the Chastanet Crime Family resort to scare tactics to create panic and fear in the minds of Lucians by citing all kinds of Terror images, so Allen could be placed to rule over the lives of Black people – a feat he was able to accomplish by rigging the election process.

  14. By this time it is well known that I have long ago concluded that Allen Chastanet and the Chastanet Crime Family is synonymous to a poisonous brew ingested by the mentally ill people of St. Lucia; a people whose senses have been anesthetized by the Religion of White Supremacy and a debilitating dose of Mis-Education that has left them comatose, producing the most worthless form self-hating Negroes with anathemas like Black Pete Josie, and Rickets John Wayne in the Showcases of the Caucasian Slave Masters on international display.

    It is obvious that warnings availed you not, since the actions of the cabal of House Negroes in the Big House named U.W.P. CANDYLAND delivered you to the slaughter of the Chastanet Stromboli Crime Family on Pleasure Island where you Jackasses will have your fill of Pleasures on this Island where there are NO RULES – CONSTITUTION you say? WHAT’S THAT! WHO CARES? The Chastanet Crime Family has signed into Law, without ever debating and without approval of the House, a plan for Desert Star Holdings to take over the Pitons.

    The China man named Teo Ah Khing, with NO MONIES, will be given thirty-one million square feet of your island based on the promise they will develop some Roll and Tumble operation on some of the best area of our country – WITH NO MONEY.

    Teo Ah Khing will get money to take half the island when he sells St Lucian passports to thugs and Criminals who are involved in the criminal activities associated with gambling, keeps the money for himself because the Chastanet Crime Family has given Ah Khing EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to selling your Lucian Passports – I mean HOW DUMB CAN YOU IDIOTS BE.

  15. /


    Call to mind there are no rules on Pleasure Island, so with the House of Parliament in a state of Limbo having NO DEPUTY SPEAKER, which the Chastanet Crime Family has decided is a useless position placed into the Constitution to “TAKE UP SPACE” that Two-Face Allen will deal with and change when the Chastanet Criminal Enterprise deems it convenient – CONVENIENT as defined in the SON-OF-MAN’s DICTIONARY, according to Allen Chastanet’s FATWAH/DECREE.

    This out of control Criminal Two-face Allen Chastanet, who told the Lucian people that immediately upon hijacking the office of Prime Minster, he would discard the Citizen by Investment Program, since the Arab Jufalli intended to build a Medical Research Facility/Hospital in Soufriere to advance the cure for Peesaa-doo/ Diabetes in St. Lucia, but Two-Face Allen Chastanet has now made a 180 degree angle, and increased the maximum number of Citizen by Investment from the five-hundred to FIVE-THOUSAND some estimates as high as TEN-THOUSAND PER ANNUM.

    Simply put, if the Chastanet Crime Family sells 10,000 Passports at $300,000 per year, $ 3,000,000,000.00/ three or is it Free-billions of your monies will be handed over to Toe Ah Khing, Desert Star Holdings Ltd., and by the time Toe Ah Khing rides into the Sunset in ten years, you will be in debt for $30, 000, 000, 000.00 with a lot of dead horses and Dog meat. I know you think SON-OF-MAN-SORT-PWEE is insane, and since you did not hear it from the Stripper on steroids Rickets John Wayne, I should be ignored.

    I have news for you! These Mafia did the same thing to the Bahamas and tried it in China.



  16. /

    BRAIN DAMAGED NEGROES LIKE TOM TOM KANE, THE VIRGIL, and the cabal of delusional Honorary White Negroes will tell you how blessed you Lucians are to be rescued from your African selves by TARZAN, JANE DUBULAY, & BOY ALLEN.

    So why the tenfold increase in C.I.P. RECIEPITANS ? You should know people, that Two-Face Allen has GIVEN EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS OF MANAGING THE C.I.P. TO THESE CHINESE GANGSTERS, who will then sell your Saint Lucian Passports to raise the Seven billion dollars, giving Lucians NOTHING before these gangsters ride away into the Sunset by way of Tapion Islet, and leaving Lucians holding billions of dollars in debt.

    Do you think you are the first victims of this Ponzi scheme by Toe Ah Khing? Take a look at the Bahamas? YOU WILL SEE THAT SAME MAGIC NUMBER:

    2.6 BILLION DOLLARS. LET’S SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT IT. Let me get some more details for you.



  17. /


    “The Government must tell any Baha Mar purchaser to “go to hell” unless they commit to making all Bahamian creditors whole, a former director of the project said yesterday.
    Dionisio D’Aguilar told Tribune Business that the Christie administration had “better make damn sure” that any preferred bidder took care of the substantial debts owed to Bahamians, especially with a general election coming up.

    With the $3.5 billion project’s original developer, Sarkis Izmirlian, having publicly offered to make all creditors – including the China Export-Import Bank – whole, Mr D’Aguilar said any winning bidder to emerge from the Baha Mar sales process needed to at least match his bid.
    Despite having largely given up all control over Baha Mar’s fate to the bank, as the project’s secured creditor, the Government still has some leverage given that it will have to approve any new owner and the structure of the deal.

    Many observers believe that, as a condition of such approvals, it will insist that any new buyer or the Chinese must pay all Bahamian creditors 100 per cent of what they are owed.
    This, though, could be a ‘deal breaker’ given the substantial sums involved. For starters, some 123 Bahamian contractors are owed a collective $74 million for work done at Baha Mar.

    Then there are the trade vendors, suppliers and others. A total $123 million was said to be owed to trade creditors when Baha Mar filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last June, and Standard & Poor’s (S&P) recently put the project’s debts as high as $170 million.”

    Read the whole story:

    With Western-based buyers seeking deals, and looking for the China Export-Import Bank to itself take a ‘haircut’ on its $2.6 billion debt, the last commitment they will want to make is repaying all Bahamian creditors.



  18. /

    Again many of you Negroes who are worshipers of Caucasians and Dead Caucasian people, Jesus, Mary, Matthew, and Joseph, just simply lack the ability to think properly to analyze information rationally. This being a direct consequence of your being taught that God the Father, plus God the Son, plus God the Ghost equals ONE God( 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 ). When such Garbage is reiterated by mentally ill Samboes like Black Pete Josie and Rickets John Wayne, who proclaim their allegiance to the Caucasian as their God and Master in order to maintain their status as Honorary Whites, what do you think will happen to your Vision? One Negro TOM TOM KANE calls me cocked-eye Muslim, seeing me from his sister’s basement in NY., where he also sees me twenty-feet tall.

    This practice of White Supremacy has devastating consequences on the young minds of our children, resulting in a cabal of strange black men like Patrick Anthony and Linus Clovis, who spend their wasted lives being paid by Rome to keep Black People enslaved and drinking the blood of a dead Caucasian, even as they watch porn and continue to masturbate their lives away in the Homeless Shelter Presbytery and Bishop’s Gap. They will now be entertained by the Penises of the Steeds in the Vieux Fort stables.

    Did you think that this PONZI SCHEME is being perpetrated against the Imbecile Two-Face Allen Chastanet Crime Family, ALONE?

  19. /

    China plans 2.6bn horse racing complex

    Well look who tried to run the identical Ponzi Scheme in China, for the SAME 2.6 BILLION DOLLARS, and was sent packing when THE SAME TOE AH KHING could not produce the finance necessary to to build this Horse Racing Scam ? THE SAME BROKE DESERT STAR HOLDINGS LTD, that this Jackass Two-Face Allen has handed your Country over to be bled dry.

    Now just look at the Plan sold to that retarded nincompoop Allen Two-Face Chastanet, who you have elected to destroy the Pitons, and you will see it is for the same 2.6 billions dollars(U.S.), with the same drawings with a slight Photo Shop. Now that was some sixteen years ago and to this day nothing has materialized, BECAUSE TEO AH KHING, YES THE SAME TEO AH KHONG WAS BROKE UNTIL HE RUN INTO YOUR CHASTANET CRIME FAMILY. Notice the 2.6 billions ? Some coincidence, sackwey Kooyon! That was sixteen years ago, and up to now, ZERO.

  20. /

    China plans £2.6bn horse racing complex

    An ambitious 10-year project, backed by developers in Dubai, aims to create a “Tianjin Horse City” with an international equestrian college, horse-breeding centre, auction base, animal feed factory, racetrack, and 7-star hotel with sweeping, phoenix-shaped grandstand. Here’s a picture of your Racing Track at Vieux Fort. Look at the date of the article.



  21. /

    Even the West Indies Cricket Board has started running for cover, Darren Sammy being an early casualty of this Horse Racing, Roll And Tumble Mafia Ponzi Scheme Fiasco, put into motion by the Chastanet Crime Family, that will reduce the Pitons to dust, and put the island under control of the Chinese Mafia, but you keep asking, “WHY WAS DARREN SAMMY FIRED ?” Are you really this dense in your cranium. UNBELIEVABLE !



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