The Joy of Mind, Body Connection

WE all want to be healthy, happy, prosperous and wise, but somehow life beats us down, and before we know it, we are troubled by money, time, relationships and how to cope with life, let alone figure out what we are really doing here.
This problem is ongoing for everyone, no matter where we live.

The real problem is that we became too civilized, yes too civilized! So much so, that we are falling apart inside!
We forgEt that we are part of nature and our bodies follow the rules of nature:

We eat man made-foods, we look at computers and other tech all day and we are being brainwashed by popular social media that everyone else is really happy.

The most immediate part of us, that part that keeps us either joy filled and honest or depressed is OUR BODIES, that tired overworked, abused part of our self expression, we wish would look like a model from the magazines.
But we forgot “ The secret” that we feel good from the inside out – not the outside in.

A dog or cat stretches when they wake up because it feels good to open up their energy and they instinctively know that this improves the quality of their next few minutes or hours.

We have lost touch with this “manual” of how our bodies work, what we need to do to be integrated into our bodies, and how to reconnect so we won’t be so fragmented in our relationship to life, work, partners friends and everything else.

Honestly – it does not take a massive detox or diet, or therapy, to change who you are – it takes getting back in touch with your body, being honest, to get connected up again:

Personally I LOVE Pilates and Yoga as modalities for reconnection as they work gently and powerfully to educate people back into being total and complete. When you are on the journey to completion you tend to be happy and capable.
The side benefits are: better health, joy, optimism, generosity and confidence.

When you feel good, you think better, you look attractive and everyone wonders what your secret is.
No secret, you are now aligning yourself with who you really are…This is the joy of Mind Body connection.
If you are ready improve your life, your body and bring joy to your mind. Now is the time!

If you wanted to go deeper into this experience and become a certified teacher in either modality, as well as discover the deeper wisdom of what this is all about, Consider coming to the weekend trainings taught by Niedraand hosted through Marie Andrew Piazza, I Am Ready World at the Sportivo Event Centre.

If you are not sure – we also offer: September classes for yoga and pilates at beginner and intermediate levels. Get in touch with Marie and discuss what would be a good fit for you.

During November we will offer evening classes in both modalities on a deeper level with Niedra.
Register or call today for early bird pricing and get more information from Marie 723 1589 or 452 8899. marie@iamreadyworld.com https://secure.acuityscheduling.com/products.php#

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