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A Message to the Ungrateful

Levern Spencer
Levern Spencer

IT is a sad, sad day when you realise that some St. Lucians will just never fail to live up to that horrible, judgemental and unpatriotic reputation that they have seemingly etched in stone for themselves.

Today, I would like to send a message to the ungrateful, bitter yet sour trolls who thought it wise (if they had a brain to even think at all) for them to take to social media to criticise, jeer at and basically make an attempt to destroy the confidence of a young woman who competed against the world whilst representing our nation.

Let me tell you, when I switched on my television on Saturday and I saw Levern Spencer gracing my screen at the Olympics in Rio, the pride I felt was uncontainable to the point that I started to tremble and at one point, I even felt faint.

At that point in time, all I could think of, was “Girl, you didn’t even have to make it to the finals to be a sporting heroine and a champion in my books because the fact that you qualified to even be in the Olympics, that alone was testament of your greatness!”

We all saw and know what happened in the end, but nonetheless, that pride drew me to my feet in celebration when I saw the screen showing Spencer at number 6 and seeing my flag next to her name.

At this point in time, there was absolutely no room for negative thoughts or feelings in my heart and mind.

But then, almost as soon as I sat down, I looked at my phone and was hesitant to pick it up to browse social media.

I was hesitant because I knew that Levern would be the talk of the night, and whilst I knew 98% of that talk would be positive, I just knew that there would be a few trolls who would have the bravado to speak ill of the high jumper and her performance.

Nevertheless, I peeked and for a good while, it was nothing but love, but then I saw them, and although I was fully expecting it, I could not stop the rage that was building up.

The worst part is that some of those negative trolls were people who really should have known better…I think that was the part that caught me off guard, because I was not expecting those views from these people at all!

The way these people were talking, you would swear that they were retired Olympic Gold medallists who were speaking from experience as they pointed out the flaws of the young blood Levern…but nooooo, they were coming from people who may not even be able to jump over a gutter on a rainy day in Castries.

Just when I was about to launch into a tirade and call them out by name, I remembered of all people, my mother who is a stickler and watches everything that I say on Facebook and calls me out if I step out of line because she believes that I should always maintain a positive image for myself as a journalist. (I know I’m a grown woman and believe me, I say what I want, when I want to, but I live to respect and keep my parents proud and you better believe that if one of them tells me that I stepped out of line in my choice of words, I would listen.)

Some of them were saying stuff like; “I’m no professional but at the end of the day, she is and she should have done much better because her personal best is 1.98m.” Umm Ok, let’s focus on the “I’m no professional” part…how would you know if her body was at 100% on the day? How would you know if the temperature was right on the day? (I specifically remember the commentator saying that it was a bit cooler on the night and that although the Europeans might feel comfortable, some of the other athletes might not be) Let’s assume that she is human (because obviously to some, she is a robot), how do you know whether she was nervous or not? This is the Olympics Finals after all, isn’t it?

Speaking of nerves, I know if I were in Levern’s shoes and I knew that I would be on such a grand stage representing an island where some people are so judgemental and ungrateful that my only option to gain acceptance is to get gold medal or die, there would be a trail of pellets following me from UVF, all the way to Rio.

And still sticking to nerves, you people certainly have a bunch to speak negatively about Levern because the only thing you could ever win a medal in, is for running your mouths uselessly!

You know what? I want St. Lucia to win Gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 so I am making an official call for the introduction of a new event…the “Mouth-Off-a-thon”.

But I decree that at least 9000 gold medals should be made for that event because I know that at least 5% of our population would easily beat off any country in the world and tie for the top spot.

I believe Levern did an outstanding job and I am proud of her. I can only hope that your words will float away like the hot air that it is and never reach her eyes and ears…but in the event that she does get wind of it all, I hope that she has the good sense to let it slide off her back like water on a dasheen leaf because it’s nothing but empty babbling.

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  1. SLAP is a typical group of these sour souls and if i were the SLP organization, i would disassociate myself from this group as they are doing irreparable harm to this organization as witness in the last general election. But who am i. Let them continue. Bunch of losers

    1. Why are you do exactly what the article stated, to speak negatives of others and point fingers at SLAP? I witnessed so many other people on their timeline commenting negatively regarding Levern’s performance, and mind you it wasn’t on SLAP I read it.
      Anyway as a mom of an Athlete I know the ups and downs that they face, but their determination and perseverance make them strive for better each day. I do appreciate Levern’s brilliant performance even if she didn’t medal, but she’s been great and continue to be a sporting heroine for fellow Saint Lucian’s to emulate. Bravo Levern and thanks for Representing Saint Lucia. You did great!

  2. /

    Look you self-hating Negroes, what makes you mentally ill people hate your black selves so, so much that you would find words of criticism for this Black woman being the sixth best in the world ?

    It is said that the Imps of Satan are even worse than him and even as I read the vicious hatred of the incorrigible Caucasian Christian demonic behavior during the performance of greatness of our Black South African Sister Caster Semenya, those of you sickos like a Black Pete Josie are indeed worse than Satan.

    This is what the Caucasian did to another Black Woman even as she extended her love towards them, but YOU LOOSIANS ? SORT NE EN MOVEY MA-LA-DI ! TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELVES, sort se Jean Gajey mem.



  3. My sentiments exactly Rochelle. I was disappointed like everyone else that she did not medal but for me just seeing her representing our island meant so much. I am satisfied that she did her very best on the night and this is what I have ever asked from even my children. Your take on Saint Lucians is right on the button! They are in the main the most unpatriotic people in the world and that is why we are yet to make greater strides. Wherever we have ever caught the attention of the world is where the persons have lived outside of this island. The examples are Rick Wayne, Sir Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott. If you ever peddle your craft in Saint Lucia you would be discouraged all throughout. My advice to Levern is emigrate, get married and live out of here and come the 2020 Olympics I can assure you the gold medal is yours.Get St Lucia and St Lucians out of your psyche for a while.

  4. The criticisms of Levern had NOTHING to do with her not getting a medal. Those are hard to come by, we know that, we understand that.
    The majority of the people who were critical were constructive in their criticism. I believe the writing is content to go a disservice to Levern if she believes that ignoring the glaring problem is supportive. It is not. Levern did wonderfully to have advanced to the finals. The Olympics is not about advancing to the finals, it’s about winning no matter how poor your country, no matter how small your country, no matter that your country has 200 medals or zero medals. You work hard to get there to win.
    But Levern could not win because Levern when the time came did not put forth the effort. That my friend is what the critics have had an issue with and thus raised the question WHY. Why was she able to get that far yet seem so defeated, deflated, when it came time to push thru the real work? Was she ill prepared, was she tired, was she intimidated or was she just content to have made the finals, “the first St Lucian to have made the finals”.
    Levern does not have to answer these questions for us but if she intends to move on to Tokyo she needs to have a long talk with herself to answer these questions.
    Many have lamented that we do not get sponsorship. Well Levern sported the PUMA logo on her uniform, what do you think Puma thought of the way she appeared to give up. By her approach to the Bar anyone who is familiar with high jump realized that she would have scratched. She just scratched y’all, she did not abort her run and take her remaining minute to try again, she scratched as if to say , me I not making it that orr so is best I not try. Yes folks the accolades are necessary, but the criticism is crucial.

    1. Thank you TNT. My sentiment exactly: “was she tired, was she intimidated or was she just content to have made the finals, “the first St Lucian to have made the finals”. And from her interview after, it seems that the latter was the case.

    2. During my school days I knew persons who did exceptionally well during the school year and were well prepared for an exam as far as being knowledgable goes…. But when they sat in an exam room with that paper in front of them, literally had panic attacks.

      Do you people really think that getting up on an Olympic stage is something easy? Prepared or not.

      1. Tell them that again…the experts that cannot even jump chinese skip but they know everything about Levern and why she was unable to please them with Gold

    3. I will respond as a past athlete. A thrower at that. With field events its no two competing days are the same. LAVERN made it to final and so did Keshorn from Grenada. And as you see on day of finals both did not do as expected. Its not every time an athlete compete you would have the same momentum as previous meets where you did as expected or better. It might have been one of those days for both Lavern and Keshorn. If you watch her jumps one would see she did her best even made adjustments. None athletes would never one day understand what goes on while an athlete is competing if it’s not voiced by the athletes. While there were constructive criticism there were also down right negative ones even if it was 3 or 5. Why speak negative about anything or anyone at all. Its gets one no where and its speaks about ones character. Especially a friend. Happy for you in your face and behind your back different story. So like Rochelle mentioned there should be an event for “Mouth Off A Thin” not only in St. Lucia but around the world. People can find some negative out of the most positive thing in the world. Example Gabby Douglas after winning a gold medal for team USA but because she did not put her hand over heart, a practice that is not mandatory they made all sorts of news about it even adding more things to it.
      We cannot win everything. There are good days and sucky days as an athlete.

  5. Sammy is a champion we all rally behind him no matter what, fool you live in a real world where everybody’s not as kind hearted as you, deal with it. Cuz i personally thought 3times at the olympics and what for that. i think if she tried alil harder and at least throw down the bar people wouldve been satisfied and the rest of the world would see we are fighters. Despite how many times WI lost in cricket we still rallied behind Sammy cuz he is a lucian who fights and shows his pride……c’mon body language everything was just off. Just pissed everybody off, so if we take to social media to express our dissatisfaction nothing wrong with that cuz in this day and age no matter who u are you will get trolls trolling, comes with the package…….

    1. You seriously said ‘we’ rally behind Sammy no matter what???!!!!

      People get up and leave the stadium before that matches are done, when they know West Indies will lose. Is that what you call rallying behind him not matter what?

      That’s a tickle! LMAO!

        1. Whether it is before or after her bats, he is (well was) the captain, therefore, support is needed throughout, particularly at the 11th hour when all seems lost. You people know nothing about loyalty, support, encouragement and national pride! #youtakenote

  6. TNT
    Thank you for this perfect explanation. She appeared to have been satisfied at having reached the final. Which professional athlete will be proud of 6th place when number 1 is there for the taking. I suspect she would have been proud of 17th as well

  7. Me Levern
    I represent an obscure nation and take a fifth or better at I Tokyo
    Atilla’s pagan trolls will eat crow As they wallow in their arrogant subjective snobbery

  8. The criticism of Levern had much to do with the way she performed on the night, the way she hanged her head after her first missed, the way she threw away two jumps. We are developing a culture where too many St. Lucians believe that persons should not criticize anything and if you critique then you are labelled bias, ungrateful, bitter etc.
    If you cant take on criticisms then being a professional athlete is not for you. Ridiculous- freedom of speech.

  9. Positive Criticism Vs Chastising….LEARN THE DIFFERENCE YOU SPITEFUL AND UNGRATEFUL FOOLS! Positive critism helps people grow and improve but all you people have been doing is chastising the woman and the worst part is…zot pa mem moun!!! She came 6th in the world…what are you people good at? Are you all the best at what you do apart from running y’all JAWS? Are you all the most sought after professionals? NO so then all the names yall calling her and saying she is a pro so she shuld have done better…follow y’all own damn advice and then come back and demand excellence from people. Until then, crawl back in the hole you came from and bury your crap there.
    You people have a MALADI because y’all truly believe that all the nastiness y’all have been saying is helpful, positive or necessary…and then y’all wonder why Lucians don’t have the right frame of mind to excel…how could they when they know they will never have the support of all their people like all the other countries do for their countrymen?!?!

  10. Well said!! Most of the negative comments are usually from females!!! Why can’t some females elevate each other instead if breaking them down

  11. This is not the only time our sporting men and women need to hear from you bunch of ungrateful and politically expedient set of clowns. She did not perform to her personal best but that don’t always happen. Learning to perform in this arena is feat in itself. But the young woman deserves every word of praise she got. But it would have been assuring to Sammy and the cricketing public (in particular those who look up to our heroic citizens) had such spirit been displayed when he was unceremoniously discarded by WICB. That silence my dear mutes is deafening! But I seem to recall that you tried your utmost best to use the man’s heroics to gain political mileage. It is those little things that put the nail your coffin. Daylight politricksing its clearness is blinding!

  12. This is laughable. I should not have an opinion and I should agree to the crap I saw in Rio. St. Lucians are pretending that is the first time she has represented the island at the Olympics. She got 6th place by default. She didn’t work for it. Anyone could have gone there walk twice under the bar get disqualified and get a 6th place. She didn’t even try. I would feel different if she tired and the bar fell. She didn’t make the jump. I wouldn’t throw a red carpet but I would respect her for trying. That BS I was tell my kids that is fine to take a shortcut. Not give it their all. Sammy never saw a ball coming and didn’t try to hit even if he missed. Or ran when he was a bouncer coming his way. No he stood his ground. Even in the worst days I understand. But this she went to RIO walked under a bar and that makes her the world best high jumper. I am suppose to dance because she qualified in the finals. Isn’t that why she went there in the first place? To compete. To get to the finals. I am therefore confuse of all the hoopla of she making. Was the expectations that low for st Lucians. Again I don’t celebrate MEDIOCRE…

  13. Laverne you did great, you made us proud. Don’t worry about all this negative remarks. Instead use it as an eye opener for you to go even further in your sporting career. I believe in being open minded. It’s true certain things will offend you or break you down but if you don’t break or have nothing to challenge how can you be strong or fight and do your utmost best to be the best. Thats if you want to win one of those 3 medals. Some people are so negative or they just say stupid things without thinking who it will hurt. So my advice to Laverne Spencer is don’t be a hater, or don’t feel intemidated by negative remarks, be humble at all times and keep your eyes on Jesus. Be a role model to the younger generation. Speak positively, make peace, laugh, encourage, educate and persevere into a future where you will be looked up to as a stepping stone to others.

  14. I am a Barbadian- and we were in Barbados cheering her on. She did well for St. Lucia- and for the Caribbean. It’s rare to see anyone from the Caribbean in a women’s High Jump final- it’s not one of our region’s strong events, as we are known more for the sprints and hurdles. Kudos to this gifted young lady and congratulations to all in St. Lucia. You did well.

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