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Power To Radio!

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

Our island is developing but losing its sense of community. But what can a radio station do to be an agent of change? This is the question that 92.3 Liberty FM wants to answer and that is why it has adopted the tagline: the rhythm of your life. According to its owner Mantinus Eugene, Liberty FM has to be the “go to” station when people are looking for relaxation, motivation and positive energy.

The endeavour meant so much to Eugene that he would invest all his life savings to start up this business which he says developed from his love for music and his engagement as a disc jockey.

He believes that life should be fun and every day should be an upliftmentfrom the drag of the day before. He believes that the music and programming should assist bringing man and the community to a more conscious level. With his background as a graphic designer Greg, as he is better known, hopes to transfer some of his creative and out of the box thinking into this powerful tool, radio, which can be the glider on which we surmount the confounding challenges of life.

For Greg, radio has to be the magnet that will bring people together, provide homes for the homeless, food for the poor, education for the deprived. It has to be the conduit by which we can supply the need of the thriving sportsmen and women and people of talent and several abilities in our community.

Radio has to be about learning something new and brightening one’s day. It has to be about finding self expression and where the heartbeat of the station is the heartbeat that keeps the community alive. Greg knows what else is out there and for this young entrepreneur it is about being different from the rest. His mantra is “We do not have to be like them.” The station which started over a year ago as an internet radio and mobile app is moving from strength to strength and taking the youth with it. The radio station is looking in time to have full island coverage and cover the world with liberty.

Liberty FM operates from sulphur city Soufriere and can be found globally at www.libertyfmstlucia.com<http://www.libertyfmstlucia.com>.

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