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Disgusted With Those Racist Remarks


The elections of June 6, 2016 are over. The people have spoken. I have one last comment to make, however. As one who has looked at the race issue from various angles I am moved to express my surprise and disgust at racist remarks by a certain senior citizen from the south, speaking at Desruisseaux, on a SLP platform. Had the same remarks come from a young person I would have chalked it down to inexperience. I might even have thought it an interpretation of the coded words spoken by his party leader who said that, the elections were between the SLP and the Chastanets. Interpretation: SLP (citizens of colour), versus a white (Chastanet), family, citizens of Saint Lucia.

The experienced man who spoke the racist words at Desruisseaux had held high office at tax payers’ expense, including that of the Chastanets, of course. He had the benefit of living overseas and doing fairly well in a land populated largely by white people. He should have been the last person to attack Allen Chastanet on his skin tone. No one, including the speaker, or Allen Chastanet, or their parents had any control over their skin colour.

My research tells me that that trash talker’s father was a free black man. The question is would a free black man who was never a slave speak the hateful language of race? How many other free blacks came to the Caribbean and proceeded to own black slaves? In their fight for freedom how many black slaves were assisted by white men who saw the evil of slavery and the slave trade? Right here in Saint Lucia, how many black men, including the trash talker have been helped by a white man, local or foreign to financial well being?

I shake my head and wonder why so many senior citizens here who know better, allow such reckless, hateful words from the mouths of grown men who ought to know better. I respect seniors whose achievements I duff my cap to. The problem may be some were not taught (or never believed), that Jesus Christ, a Jew, from the original chosen people of God – the black race! Yet so many claim Christianity!

Yes, the original Jews were black and some are still in Ethiopia. And just to crystallize my point; the paternal background of the island’s new Prime Minister would reveal more dark tones than that of the former Prime Minister who had a white father and an East Indian mother.

In the final analysis the people of Desruisseaux and Saint Lucia have proven that they will not listen to race baiting, bigotry and hateful divisive statements, no matter the source.

Best regards,
– Peter Josie.



  2. Mr. Josie, you are the perfect example of a mis-educated negro. Your analysis is fraught with historical inaccuracies. You did not shed any light on what the speaker may have said at the meeting. All you did was to repeat the same antiquated view of what you perceived to be bigoted and racist. My questions to you are: Isn’t is accurate to say that Chastanet is a white guy leading a black country? Isn’t it true that no European country has a black leader? Can you name me one predominantly white country with a black leader? If you can answer those questions in the affirmative then your condemnation is appropriate, otherwise, you are a dimwit and provocateur.

    And for your historical faux pas, the Ethiopian Jews are called Falasha and many of them were airlifted to Israel in 1984 – 85 and after. Currently, they are facing extreme racism in Israel. Secondly, Jesus was a man of color so this does not mean he was black/ sub-Saharan African.

    1. Merci for the perfect polite label for Peter Josie
      To quote our boys school proverb
      Josie KNOWS NOT
      that, HE KNOWS NOT
      He is sounding more distraught than a gorgere on a binge:
      Perhaps massa Chas has not hinted at elevating Josie above LATRINE POLICE or DOG POUND Pooper Scooper Overseer.
      Yes Pete, I recall your advocacy for Chas to hire Intellegentisa ( he most desperately needs it to fill the collective VACUMN of Mindless Flambeau);
      this means that you are on the OUTSIDE OF SAID INTELLIGENT cadre!
      Behold, your ANTIQUATED schemata is dated among the Dinosaurs 🙂
      I recommend a new cabinet posting : Ministry of Nincompoops–
      oops JOSIE is over qualified
      Nevertheless, St Lucia is best served witth your appointment as AMBASSADOR TO ANTARCTICA.
      Poor jab Penguins…they would have to evolve airborne flying abilities for their spiritual exodus

  3. /

    Black Pete Josie:

    Kenny Anthony was a Prime Minster who desired to free the minds of the people of this de facto colony of the White Supremacist, but these mentally sick ingrates chose Tarzan, Boy and Jane to rule over them. These self-hating Negroes whose minds have been irrevocably damaged by the teachings of the slave Masters’ religion, where these shameless black Sambos like Black Pete, Derek Walcott, and Rick John Wayne, have openly expressed their hatred of the beautiful Chocolate skinned Africans because of the self-hatred induced into the psyche of these bleached-skinned Sambos, by the doctrine imposed upon them by the Racist Roman perverts who control them from the Italian enclave of the Vatican, and teach them that God Almighty is a Caucasian.

    Since God is Perfection, All-powerful, The Mighty, The Loving, The Kind, The Provider, The Loving, The Merciful – these being only some of the attributes of a God created in the image of the Caucasian Male, Negroes are taught by implication that the so-called White Man are possessors of all the attributes of the Almighty God. So History will demonstrate with a few exceptions, that these Lucian victims of this Evil Satanic Religion of White Supremacy, have always opted to favor “white” men like Allen Chastanet above “Black Demons” like Stephenson King and Preville, because the Negroes like John Wayne, Derek Walcott, the Villian John, Ezekiel Joseph, and Black Pete see themselves and anyone else who look like themselves, as ugly, imperfect, and inferior to the Shabin and Caucasians.

    The white God is Perfection, and has pale pink skin, these Negroes’ skin are colored. The white God is perfect and has sharp witch-like nostrils, these Negro nostrils are more rounded and wide. The white God is perfect and has thin lips, whereas the Negroes’ lips are full. The white God is perfect and has no-bodied blond hair, the Negroes’ hair are full bodied and wavy, nappy. These Self-hating Negroes desirous of being good(white) and wholesome like their white God, consider their Melanin Blessings a curse, and resort to bleaching their skin like the naked stripper John Wayne, poisoning their hair with Chemical Perms, and killing it with Hot Irons like the Neg-gwess Sarah Flood, and in the even more extreme case of self-hatred with Gail Rigobert, cutting and burning her hair while mutilating the scalp with razors and broken glass bottles, because of her hatred of self.

    Which brings me to Kenny Anthony; perhaps the best and most progressive man for the times we live in today. Kenny Anthony looked at the Pirate Europeans in the face and told them to stop being so wicked and duplicitous, preaching freedom to the world, while enjoying the stolen wealth of the Caribbean People acquired from Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and pay us for the wealth and Labor they stole from us.. On the other hand, Tarzan, Jane and Boy Chastanet brought an old Vincentian Negro to insult Black People; telling you to “FORGET YOUR HISTORY”, and forget about why you have been inflicted with poverty because of Slavery when your worked from Sunrise to Sunset for Caucasian Christians for FREE.





  4. /

    Because of Kenny’s desire to bring you real Freedom, and his not kowtowing to White Supremacist, by acting with dignity as a free-thinking and independent Lucian, he was maligned and called arrogant by the white Supremacist Tarzan, Jane and Boy and their little Black Petes and black Sambos like Guy Myers, Ezekiel Joseph who now stands accused by the Shabin of violent Sexual Assault, and Josie who has been promised a job in New York with lots of alcohol and a white woman, by the white settlers who have raped the Lucian people, growing wealthy off their backs and labor.

    So After being disgraced in the eyes of the civilized world, as a Black people praying and worshiping a white man as God Almighty, we have now told the world that we are not worthy to lead our home and family, so we made Tarzan, Jane and Boy Chastanet our Lord and masters for our children to know their place and station. I knew you Negroes were sick, but I had no idea you were comatose.




  5. Shut up Josie. Stop defending your new massa and start enjoying your thirty pieces of silver. If you cannot see what is happening in this country you are not in your right mind. I hope you live long to see the destruction of this country with that hurricane Allen.

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