Carnival Queen Contestants Tour St. Lucia Distillers

img: St-Lucia Distillers Ezra James on tour with the Carnival queen contestants
St-Lucia Distillers Ezra James on tour with the Carnival queen contestants

Bounty Rum, a proud sponsor for St Lucian carnival 2016, recently hosted the eight beautiful Carnival Queen Contestants, vying for the year’s crown at St Lucia Distillers Rum Distillery.

It was a special day indeed when Anna – Kim Williams (Miss Saint Lucia Tourist Board), Kerline Sylvester (Miss Radio Caribbean International), Shatoya Jn. Baptiste (Miss Super J IGA), Sheris Paul (Miss Bounty Rum), Racquel John (Miss Saint Lucia Zouks), BernellaVelinor (Miss Piton), KayshiaVerneuil (Miss Digicel) and Tyler Theophane (Miss F.I.C.S) all arrived at St Lucia Distillers for an informative and exciting “Rhythm of Rum” tour.

From the introduction and brief history on rum making to molasses vats holding the dark viscous and aromatic raw material, to the open vats where final fermentation takes place, the contestants were encouraged to engage all their senses to understand the unique phenomenon that is rum making.

The Rhythm of Rum Tour culminated with the Carnival extravaganza where colourful costumes and melodic sounds of steel pan music prepared them for a veritable rum buffet which allowed them to sample the extensive and impressive range of products manufactured locally by St Lucia Distillers.

The St Lucia Distillers Marketing Manager, Sergin Joseph commented that “allowing the contestants the opportunity to experience the Rhythm of Rum tour enabled them to have an understanding and deeper appreciation as St Lucians for our locally manufactured rums that are award winning”.

She added: “Bounty Rum as a sponsor of St Lucia Carnival is very important to St Lucia Distillers. We recognize the importance of giving support to festivals such as this, as it helps to preserve the various art forms within it and further contributes to the success of our carnival product year after year”.

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