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UWP Says SLP Has Failed On Every Promise

UWP Political Leader, Allen Chastanet.[PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

THE opposition United Workers’ Party yesterday said it welcomed the June 6 election date announced by Prime Minister Kenny Anthony.

“We are settled and perfectly poised to win the next election with a comfortable margin. Because of our history, it is understandable that some members might be jittery due to the short eighteen day deadline”, the party said in a statement in reference to the period between the announcement and election day.

Said the UWP: “This time around all the factors are coming together to ensure that the party is ready for victory at the polls”

It said the ruling St Lucia Labour Party had been a national disaster, adding: “ Their every initiative has been at a devastating cost to the people of St. Lucia rich, poor and middle class. The SLP has failed to bring transparency, accountability, growth, jobs and has failed on almost every other election promise they have made. The SLP is a lesson on how destructive a bad government can be. They are a disaster of a government led by a delusional prime minister”.

The party said St Lucians had not forgotten “the lie disguised as a promise” to inject 100 million dollars into the economy immediately, made by the SLP in the 2011 campaign.

It added: “ We have not forgotten that five years later absolutely nothing has been done about our astronomical unemployment rate, increased crime and spike in the cost of living. St Lucians are a resilient people, an unforgetting people, and wool will not be pulled over our eyes by the master of illusions this time around.

“The United Workers Party has consistently shown that with proper plans come, delivery. Our policies under the torch will light our way slowly but surely back into office to deliver much needed relief to our ailing country”.

The UWP said that In the fight to rescue St. Lucia from the destructive hands of the SLP, changes had to be made and the party was ready to make that change.

“The leader of the UWP Allen Chastanet and his candidates have constantly been hitting the ground and shaping structured policies to building a new St. Lucia.

Yesterday, the UWP announced that it had completed its slate of candidates for the June 6 poll, identifying Jimmy Henry (Dennery North) and Prince Ambrose (Vieux Fort North) as its last two candidates to be named.

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  1. BUSHjr -TRUMP styled Republicans (AKA Chas Inc @ UWP
    Johnson- Clinton styled Democrats (AKA Dr Anthony @ The Peoples Party -SLP)
    Fighting for the socio-economic SAFETY & Survival of We the People

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