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Mary-Juliana-Brice2WE should all be very grateful for our life’s mission, and do our very best to recognise it, and to serve faithfully all that we have been ordained to do. If we are able to do this properly, we would all have a very joyful life. But when we turn away from our mission, we end up encountering quite a bit of difficulty, and sometimes we have no idea who we were meant to be, or what was meant for us during our lives.

If we take a bit of time to think about this, we will recognise that every member of our family is not the same. Each one has a different mission, and they all behave differently. It is not as if the children of the family have all been raised in the same place, and therefore had to do the very same thing. Everyone is so different. Why then do some people criticise others according to what they see the persons are doing so faithfully?

So very often some people begin to do something very effective and pleasing to others, and somehow they try to get persons to follow them. Even if some persons do try to follow them, they somehow operate a bit differently, and so confusion begins. Everyone is different, and those who refuse to accept others for who they are, are doing wrong.

Just take this simple example. Lots of young children are qualified at their schools. The lessons are being taught to them in the same classes, and even if all of them are taught the same things, in the end, everyone operates so differently. It is not as if they were all trained in the same way, and would all go to get the same job? Their talents have been qualified, and so they begin to move along in the mission which has been ordained for them.

When we take a look at how successful people become in their mission, we recognise that it is all about service, and being able to assists others, as they too begin to get started in their own mission. Why are our teachers so necessary? They serve their students so faithfully, and so they are able to have a successful journey in their life’s mission.

On so many occasions people turn away from their mission, as they follow others or choose what they think will bring them joy, financing and total success. If it is not the correct mission, one can clearly see that it does not last, and does not bring them much joy, but instead they encounter so much difficulty. In dealing with their difficulty, they sometimes do many wrong things, and so they end up having a very difficult life.

When we are faithful to the mission that has been ordained for us, all goes well, and if we look at some persons, we can clearly see those who are very dedicated to their mission, as they serve others in a very joyful way. If it is not your mission, it crumbles, and is virtually taken away from you. Somehow in doing what you can in your right mission, you never wish to go back in the direction that had caused you some trouble earlier on.

We all need to open our minds and hearts in a very special way, so that we can clearly recognise our mission. In so doing all works out really well, as we are on the right track. Of course it is not only about one thing, but all else that must be done, relates totally to our life’s mission.

When we have not accepted our mission, we are going through a very hard time with sadness and depression in our lives. Let us not give up on life, but try to recognise and concentrate on our life’s mission, so that by doing God’s will for us, we can have a peaceful and happy life’s journey.


  1. Ms. Brice,

    I just came from confession. Pray Father, give me your blessings, for I have sinned. My last confession was last Saturday.

    O.K., father, I don’t know if there is something wrong with me, but there is a woman who sent me a picture of her chest and cleavage. so after my mother came into my room and caught me vigorously masturbating with a picture of this bare-chested woman in the newspaper, she said she would contact the exhibisionist and ask her to wear a more appropriate attire in public.

    I begged my mother not to interfere with my sole outlet for my sexual energies since I have taken the vow of celibacy, and the things I conjure every time I am able to lock myself in my room with that woman and her exposed cleavage poking me in the eye,

    My mother agreed that she will hold off if I can accomplish my mission more discreetly, and without disturbing the neighbors; I agreed with my mother – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thank you Ms Brice. Now Father I hope to give you the more salacious details of this object of my ejaculation next week, if my wrist is not damaged in my next encounter with her cleavage. E-normi-na patris, et spiritus santus Amen, THREE HAILLY MARY AND ONE OUR FATHER. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.




  2. I find this article so ambiguous, so pointless, it simple made no sense. Most people are concerned with just where the next meal is coming from, that in itself is the mission, yes paying the rent. It’s not like there is a table spread of missions, and the means available to go to America to become the mayor of Baltimore or President of the USA. Yes, that’s my mission, but I was born in Conway, WHAT MISSION? See some things are predetermined by your birth. I want to be a Nun, but my name is Guy? Do you think a sex change will accomplish the “MISSION”?

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