Piton Picks Up Gold Award


LA BIERE Sent Lisi (The Beer of St. Lucia) Piton Beer has once again won the Gold Award in Quality at the 2016 Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections.

Not the first time for Saint Lucia’s local brew, Piton Beer previously won the silver medal in February 1993 and the gold medal in September 1994.

The evaluation of beer by Monde Selection is conducted through the collaboration of over 70 internationally renowned experts who taste and individually evaluate and score the quality of the beers. The scores are then added and averaged to a final result, then the beverages are rewarded with the bronze, silver or gold quality award.

Said Managing Director Sebastian Sanchez: “This is a great achievement for us here at WLBL and in Saint Lucia. We should all be proud that we can produce such a high quality beverage that can compete with other global bands. This shows how our people, passion and brewing process have great quality that is recognised internationally. This gold medal belongs to our people. We have also developed a widespread campaign surrounding this great achievement to shout to the world that Piton Beer is a world class beer and we are proud of it”

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