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Lest We Forget

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

A SIMILAR article was first published three years ago and it’s expedient to upgrade and republish.

Allen Chastanet has withstood more criticisms, challenges and blatant lies than any politician, save the deceased John Compton. His patience, tolerance, strength of character has been tested to an absolute limit. And he has not broken or wilted. Instead, he has stood firm, often refusing to answer his critics. This is a mark of confidence…and success. People trust him and confide in him more, as time passes. Even people who distrust politicians who make promises they don’t keep, seem to trust Allen Chastanet. Dishonest and scheming politicians have given politics a bad name. They are an embarrassment to their families and the country. The hand-on-the-heart pretense at compassion by a deceitful and cunning face is intended to hoodwink the electorate. On further refection many are convinced that such scoundrels use politics to enrich themselves and their friends. Only the genuine pursue honest work and put the needs of others before theirs.

People admire Allen Chastanet’s efforts at rebuilding the UWP and preparing it for government. Supporters of the UWP and the people of Saint Lucia need such a leader at this time. His continuous search for excellence; his fiscally conservative agenda; his obvious international connections are praiseworthy elements deserving recognition. Allen Chastanet is the man most likely to continue the work started by Sir John Compton, the island’s first Prime Minister. Those who knew Sir John will have no difficulty giving Allen the opportunity to imitate Compton’s exemplary leadership and management skills. Allen must now present a tangible agenda and suitable candidates to the electorate, willing to support him.

In anticipation of such support I present the following eight-point manifesto which I urge him to implement for the social and economic progress of Saint Lucia. I go one step further and suggest that the watchwords of his government ought to be ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ in honour of the island’s two Nobel Laureates. That ought to help rebrand Saint Lucia and lift its image internationally.

Following is the 8-point manifesto:
1. Abolish VAT and find a simple, suitable and equitable replacement tax.
2. Revamp the justice system including new offices for staff and justices.
3. Remodel agriculture and seek out new production systems and markets.
4. Make training, discipline, punctuality and excellence his center piece.
5. Demand excellence and professionalism in work and sports and national security.
6. Re-introduce the departure tax at Hewanorra International Airport (HIA), and let locals re-develop the airport.
7. Fully investigate, IMPACS Report, the Grynberg Oil deal, the abuse of the Consolidated Fund Act and the failed (Nepalese?) off shore school etc.
8. Build a rapid rail line linking Castries, Gros-Islet, Dennery, Micoud, Vieux-Fort and Laborie, as a start.

As political leader and Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet must continue to put past insults behind him. He must find a place within his government and his party for persons who are willing to serve Saint Lucia honourably. He must embrace senior UWP stalwarts who have distanced themselves from the party since the passing of Sir John. He must consult their perspectives on a new national development agenda for the island and how that may impact their communities.

Allen Chastanet must be as focused as a laser beam on the pursuit of meaningful social, economic and political change for Saint Lucia. There is no alternative to bold and fearless leadership. The time for pandering to political votes and deceiving the electorate has passed. The island’s present economic situation demands new thinking, beyond the ordinary. The old way of importing new comers still wet behind the ears, without a clear understanding of global financial management issues, and how these impact the local economy must end. Experience is crucial to wise economic and investments decisions, if his government is to secure assistance and lift its youth and jobless to be productive citizens.

Allen has proven his commitment by his many meaningful investments in Saint Lucia. The island needs a strong dose of political leadership to right the wrong that needs redressing giving people an opportunity to succeed in private business, by removing the tax burden imposed by the SLP government. Allen Chastanet with his wide experience in business is more likely to do this than any other politician in Saint Lucia at this time.

The leader of the St. Lucia Labour Party is terrified of Allen Chastanet. His uncalled for outburst against the Chastanet family says more than can be disclosed here about Anthony’s over burdened mind. Such fear from an experienced former Minister of Education and Law lecturer exposes a heart seemingly devoid of love and humility. Although comparisons may seem irrelevant, the following should prove interesting for those who dare fathom the observation of the prophet, Jeremiah regarding a deceitful heart.

Writing in his Queek Quack columns in the Crusader George Odlum once likened John Compton’s face (Odlum found it ugly) to the heart of Prime Minister Kenny Anthony. Odlum then likened Kenny Anthony’s face at that time, to the heart of John Compton. It was an interesting comparison. Odlum had previously written some uncharitable articles about John Compton. But Odlum’s latest observation had lifted Compton to the Valhalla of the gods, capturing for all time, the essence of the man. Many have now discovered the Crusader’s pin point accuracy – a mean face with a loving heart (Compton); and loveless heart, with an ok face, (Anthony).

It must be the hope of every UWP and patriotic Saint Lucian that behind Allen Chastanet’s handsome face beats a heart as genuine as that of Sir. John’s. One also prays that within Allen’s breast beats his mother’s Irish heart, filled with compassion for good co-mingled with his father’s heart for hard work, savings and investments. Heaven knows Saint Lucia needs such a leader as Allen, at this time.



  2. EE-TAR
    Is this your recurring hangover from le era circa Clubs Sapphire, Pigalle, Blue Danube, Parrot and your notorious “Lime-ing” wid de big dogs during your St Augustin Campus panty raids ☺ ? ☺
    Garcon your sentences are dripping like:
    -un chien en chaleur
    – a trini after polishing off a fifth of Vat 69 @ a jouvert fete
    – an ovulating nymphomaniac, front seat at a ladies club presenting Male strippers (Your pal Ricky can elaborate ☺
    -an emotionally disturbed scam artist (bet you know a few) who can’t have his / her way
    – a PAID female griever at a Mafia funeral
    – Peter Josie at the foot of Chas’ dinner table – awaiting scraps (not fit for a compost pile ☹
    Pete ole boy, this is the drippiest of your compilations.
    I like the smart ass way you juxtapose the decease to resuscitate the living dead (Compton ~ Chas
    I warned you about the fantastic hyperbole residing at GUY & MARY”S OCCULT BOUTIQUE
    I shall pause here – perchance your drippy sales broth might gel to a jello like consistency- to slice.
    Tally ho

  3. Phew-tar Josie/
    “AS pl & pm”
    Your use of a Future FANTASY tense (unqualified by the absence modifiers) whose sole purpose is to ALLUDE to the present tense:
    -Is sublime deception
    – calculated to mislead
    – a genuine act of desperation
    – reveals your RICK-ety editorial connection
    – most of all it proves that you can give Chas’ ID driven EGO a promotional image blow up (pun intended) to rival the best Vanessa Del Rio blow up job. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanessa_del_Rio)

  4. Peetar
    You ought to label this a “man-infest- of ZEROS”
    We the people call it Loser rats chasing cheese.
    The unpardonable sin of the last UWP cabal –with Chas riding high on the hog-
    Not only did they have a Bacchus ORGY with the national cheese,
    In their frenzied delirious ecstasy- they chewed away at the udders of the sacred national cow that provided the milk from which the national cheese is produced.
    Sacre bleu, indeed!

  5. Pete
    You desecrate APA<MLA, Oxford, Cambridge principles of citation in every posting, but your abuse of Odlum's Crusader column (you ought to be sued by Earl Bousquet on behalf of the Crusader) is vile travesty indeed.
    What would ODLUM the high priest of National Socialism say about his budding acolyte who has become the SCRO*TUM leek-ing puppet of the Aristocrats?
    About the same that CHE would say to PINOCHET..Oui!

  6. Reading Earl Bousquet’s sentimental epitaph honoring the Austrailian-Vieux Fortian “Dick- Lone Fisherman; I could almost taste the sea spray in Hemingway’s “The Old Man And The Sea”
    Dick did keep an eye and notes on local politics…………………..
    An unfinished manuscript (with somber tones that recall Mahler’s unfinished 9th Symphony) swirls a tale of an unnamed boy that may fit the profile of Peter
    – A VFort male is dispatched to Australia on Commonwealth duties
    – He impregnates a newly arrived immigrant from Papua New Guinea
    – She is a virgin and tribal customs belong in the stone age, therefore Dad saves the child to St Lucia and has his Lucian wife raise the child as her own.
    – Tribal traits run deep and the inquisitive young man learns of his New Guinea connections. He travels on as many subsidies he can garnish to make the hop to New Guinea. Agricultural research / exchanges within the Commonwealth states was handsomely profitable for said trips to Oceania.
    – He was elated to learn that although he is outwardly black – his maternal roots were bound to the SAMBIA tribe
    – Of New Guinea
    – Now we understand the onset of his Schizoid personality
    – His aversion to women of African descent
    – His comfort as souscere la banan de Chas
    – Rhum et l’eau de Coco a jouner
    – Lait de coco sec Chas a nuit
    – In his regression to serve the ID, Peter identifies with tribal rituals that equate coconut milk (organic power au naturel) with semen….
    – Peteris something else-
    – More so than the Aussie Platypus

  7. Presenting a section of an anthropological documentary that introduces PETER JOSIE’s (Black but not African) Papua New Guinea roots
    There is no mistaking his affinity wity agriculture and his fixation with pagan rituals that align so wel to his RC idolatry
    Josie proposes a deal with Chas :
    Make me the agricultural consular to Paining camp s in Papua for all longterm NICE STEP and 5+ years sentenced prisoners in a cultural exchange swap for Papuans to work on resurrected farms in Stlucia for $1 an hour including boarding and lodging.

  8. Although his pal the former weightlifter /London stripper
    Shares the same fascination with pagan rituals that align with RC idolatry and ritual cannibalism, Ricky proposes to be special envoy for artistic expressions in the hope of infusing Carnival and the new Museum with rare authentic Papuan artifacts…while he satiates his Roman cravings for these authentic cultural beliefs:


  9. #

    Unbelievable ! The Coons are Here in full regalia.

    Lowlife Negroes selling the Snake Oil Brand “Allen Chastanet”. Is there an explanation, other some anathematization dealt upon these wretched house niggers, that Black Pete Josie, Mary Isaac, Sarah Flood, John Wayne, Peterson Francis, and this herd of scumbags, should look us in the face representing the maggot Allen Chastanet, who told Lucians, if they voted his Plantation into power, they would require no Visa to enter the United States of America ? I also heard he Allen even tried to get John Wayne to say in the Rag paper that Lucians would also be able to VOTE FOR TRUMP in the Presidential Elections.

    Just the balls of steel these Negroes and Neg-gwesses must possess, is outright frightening. I saw Rigobert with a penile erection and do you blame me for running the hell away like I was being chased by a lion? see for yourself?





  10. Since you in our your most glorious political years was diametrically opposed to John Compton and wanted to unseat him, tell me honestly that you never told and or perpetuate a lie a bout him.

    I have always felt you Peter Josie should have quietly left public life and live quietly perhaps reminiscing about what may have been. In stead you insist on breaking the ears of the the public with an incessant attack on the legitimate representative of Vieux Fort South. We are frankly sick and tired of your negative and nasty campaign against the PM not because your motive is clear is not genuinely political it is personal. It is simply because the electorate favored the man over you. Now do the descent thing and get over it.

  11. Lest we forget?
    Let’s then forget these substandard people and their mean, little and ignorant talk …

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