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Leave Sarah Alone!

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

There is a little coward who hides and uses your newspaper to attack certain persons for their Christian and political beliefs. The last attack was on Rick Wayne, Peter Josie and Sarah Flood.

Rick and Peter can speak for themselves. I support Sarah Flood who is the UWP candidate for the next election in Castries Central. As far as this unhappy person is concerned these three are attacked because they support Allen Chastanet (UWP), the son of a black man and a white woman, and not Kenny Anthony (SLP), the son of a white man and a black woman.

I supported Sarah Flood after she stood up against Kenny Anthony’s government when the SLP tried to legalize abortion in St. Lucia. I do not know what religion that angry person follows. Someone must have put a white-man-god in his mind in brainwashing him. There is no large white-man-God, except in the heads of the deranged and misinformed. God lives within. I suggest this hater finds God and leave Sarah alone.



  1. The ones you referred to are all singing for their supper, so don’t worry, it wont
    be long; it will soon be over. What we are seeing now, is political musical chairs.
    The curtain will come down on some and history will be made dramatically. Wait for it.

  2. *

    The so called Negro has been taught that there are two things he is not allowed to discuss freely; they are Politics and Religion. There is a certain irony in that instruction given to mindless negroes by the priest, since Religion and Politics are the two things that imposes the most influences over our lives – who you can marry; what you can eat and drink; where you can sit, spit, urinate, dress ?? Everything is governed by the two institutions.

    The Black people of African Ancestry, have been stripped of their Names, language, Political Culture, Religion, and History. As a result many Black individuals like the Neg-gwess Sarah Flood, and Mary Isaac have tried their best to erase their Black identity by using bleaching creams to destroy the melanin contents of their African selves. In these cases of self hatred, these Negresses like Sarah Flood use corrosive and dangerous chemicals known as Perms and relaxers to kill their natural African hair to produce hairstyles closely resembling the Caucasian’s lifeless and dead hair(no bodied)

    What is most troubling about these neg-gwess is the filth that is allowed to accumulate and fester on their scalps, from the dust created by dried dog excrement, urine, spittle, and other forms of rotting frogs and animals that is blown by convection into the hair of these filthy women who do not wash their hair for several weeks, because washing the filth and chemicals out of the hair would destroy the “WHITE GIRL LOOK”.

    Caucasians keep their hair natural and simply wash their hair when they bathe, but upon close examination of the neg-gwess Sarah Flood, one observes Corn Flakes and Pop Corn, Snakes and Ladders, Cal-mason, bètannipyé and La boo, within the accumulated filth. My wives cover their hair with the Qimmah/scaf shielding the hair from the filth that is on the head of women like Isaac and Sarah, who shamelessly parade the dusty roads for weeks perspiring, without ever washing the filth from their hair, while Negroes like Black Pete Josie and the naked stripper Rick John Wayne tell these Negresses, “Oh, Sarah, your hair looks so much like a white woman’s. You have such “GOOD” HAIR”

    It is time that these Negroes of Lucia stop encouraging the Black women to poison themselves with Perm Chemicals and kill their hair with Hot Irons, by telling these antiquated Negresses that they look “NICE” with fake weaves and fake wigs.





  3. /


    You obviously are afflicted with some kind of retina defect to not see the Neg-gwess Sarah Flood for what she really is.. Here’s my argument in a nutshell:

    A few weeks ago a delusional Sarah Flood expressed her total lack of confidence in Allen Chastanet’s ability to benefit the people of St. Lucia , and in her delirium sort to dispose Allen, and rescue the disgraceful Negroes like Black Pete and John Wayne the naked stripper weightlifter, from being led into the fires of the Sulphur Springs by the nincompoop and pathological Liar Allen Chastanet, where they would be made into a Stew-Meat buffet, administered by the culinary skills of Kenny Anthony.

    Allen’s PitBull Guy Joseph, launched a vicious attack upon the Neg-gwess Sarah Flood, sinking his fangs into her behind. “Ou twop con-pas-wey-zon”/out of place, she was told, “GET IN LINE ! YOU JUS COM, WHERE YOU WERE ALL DE TIME WHEN i WAS FIGHTING KENNY ANTHONY ? GET IN LINE” — words of Guy Joseph.

    So what has changed since Allen was deemed unqualified by Sarah Flood ? Did Allen stop lying? did Allen learn that he is frightened by strong Black men, and obtained therapy from Richard Frederick?? Truth is Nothing has changed, Allen is the same old idiot and cannot speak Kweyol. This lowlife Sarah Flood was offered a dry bone to suck on by Allen Chastanet and his handlers, and this two-faced, double-dealing Neg-gwess Sarah Flood came back extolling the greatness of the idiot Allen Chastanet.

    This woman is even worse than anyone imagined. She is ready to sell the Lucian people into slavery, for a DRY CHICKEN BONE ! I am thinking, “JAMET, VEUX JAMET”, but that cannot be fair to the sex-workers making BOM for a CHICKEN LEG.



  4. Poor Jab Rigobert!
    Your affinity with the merits of advanced academia is sullied by the stench and putrid decay of your shoved in (like ca-ca boeuf) political postillions – The Wich Mary Issac and Pus Dispenser Sarah Flood.
    Rigo, even your Margaret Thatcher “Iron Tits) are and granite Labia have comely sex appeal when given the alternative choices of Jezebel’s wards (May & Sarah).
    We can well imagine your “happy hour” soliloquy as you nurse a perfect Beefeaters Martini-
    ” With wads of disposable Moolah, why did Chas go CHEAPSKATE –
    complementing my “exceptional female” stature with these two female vermin from our party’s political cesspool?”
    Astute observation indeed Dr Rigobert. An educated (even a misdirected, forlorn one as you) is a great threat to the imbecile Chas- whose only source of masculine and political virility is $s in offshore accounts……OUI!
    Political “IMPS” who rely on this only form of political virility feel MANLY -only in the submissive crooning of JAMETS.
    Pirate Chas and his entourage of jamets are well woven cloth that cover the same dastardly loins of Sir Pillage Rape Sr.

  5. Dear Pro Sarah
    You come across very calm, however please go back to the archives and you will see where you and lots of other St. Lucians were deliberately misled by Sarah. The SLP never tried to legalize abortion. To give persons a Choice is not to legalize. Read the law as it was before and then read the amendment to which Sarah misled and misbehaved.

  6. JEAN
    Sara does misbehave and very badly in bed she flood Bo-bre-Ca**r**l with her love 4 the act of 69 she love this frenchpeople thing so she will have de U W P ballspup 4 a position.
    this will be recorded in the Lucian ARCHIVES.

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