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Kaka Poul Mentality

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

EVER been to Castries, sitting in Constitution Park, well dressed of course, and you’re hit by the plop? Bird mess! Don’t you get infuriated, so disgusted that you want to rip that bird to pieces if only you could get your hands on it? Well, that is all that shoots out next door from Parliament House. Only, we are not irritated or moved to action.

Think forward, they tell me, but why are they thinking backward? I was in Soufriere, when from a rum shop someone pelted, “You ready to pay the increase for candidate fee- “$500?”. I remarked, “It could be a million dollars, I don’t care.” I was making a statement that my candidacy had nothing to do with money. Really, I thought it was mere gesticulation emitting from inebriated, befuddled loud mouths. But it wasn’t.

The following day Radio Saint Lucia called me and wanted to know if I was contesting the upcoming general election and wanted my opinion on the increase. So this was not the joke I thought it was. I was occupied at the time and could not grant that interview.

Do I have an opinion on the move? Of course I do. I boil it down to “kaka poul” mentality. This government is bereft of progressive ideas. It is retarded. Allow me to expound. Of course, I wanted to know what the rationale for the increase was. It is being volunteered, “To keep the undesirables away.” Well, if the desirables are in the upper economic echelons of society, then put the fee at $1,000,000 because the best minds in the country are those with the money. How stupid is that? If nothing else maybe you can build the drained coffers of government. We’re been there before. Why the regression? Why step back to pre-adult suffrage tactics. So let’s impose the oligarchy, again. Kaka Poul mentality. CIP is symptomatic of kaka Poul mentality. So is the suspension of the Hewannorra Airport expansion project. So is STEP and the list goes on. Who in their right mind wants to sell the patrimony of their country? Added to that it is hinged on a fickle industry like tourism, neo-slavery. And then they boast of their first deal to someone who was already ingrained into the Saint Lucian economy. And there seems to be questions about the investor. Is this government serious about food security? Anyone who would sell Belvedere Plantation for touristic development does not care about feeding its people.

What has happened to the monies that were collected for airport development? For god’s sake we were not paying for it. I paid for the development of airport improvement in Canada. And STEP. I remember a few years ago “step” was the in thing. The hand gesture that went along with the interjection, denoted rejection and I think that is just the gesture that STEP and this kaka poul mentality government should get. If the government want to know how to keep out the undesirable. I’ll tell them how.

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