Image: Yvonne Edwin [Left] Dalia Phillip [Right]

THE following is the full list of candidates offering themselves for positions on the executive:

PRESIDENT— Dalia Phillip (Ministry of Agriculture), Yvonne Edwin (Department of Fisheries), Rock Jean (Department of Economics, Planning and National Development), and Cletus Cyril (Ministry of Commerce).

1ST. VICE PRESIDENT— Anthony Robinson ( Bureau of Health Education), Thecla Goodman I(Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security; Samuel Eudoxie (Customs and Excise); Yvonne Edwin (Department of Fisheries); Alvin Landers (Customs and Excise); Shem Joseph ( Customs and Excise); Cleopatra Anthony (Ministry of Sustainable Development).

2ND. VICE PRESIDENT— Cleopatra Anthony, Dan Edwin Stephen (Victoria Hospital); Lisa Goodman (Inland Revenue Department); Egbert Stevens (Ministry of Commerce); Samuel Eudoxie.

3RD. VICE PRESIDENT – Shani Willie (Inland Revenue Department); Mathew Branford (Ministry of Finance); Samuel Eudoxie, Debra Jn. Paul (Retiree), Ricardo Corsinie (Accountant General Department).

TREASURER— Gezielle Warrington (Inland Revenue Department); Chris Fred (Ministry of Agriculture); Nicolai Lansiquot (Ministry of Agriculture).

ASSISTANT SECRETATY/TREASURER— Monica William (Ministry of Health); Dalia Philip; Donovan Denis (Civil Service Credit Union).

SECRETARY—Keran David (Ministry of Social Transformation); Monica Cyril-Joseph ( Parastatal Monitoring Department); Bernard Cornibert (Ministry of Finance), Cleopatra Anthony.

TRUSTEES— Raymond Michael Flood (Ministry of Sustainable Development); Lisa Goodman; Melissa Tenna Joseph (Accountant General’s Department; DamaianMonrose (Ministry of Commerce); Ricardo Corsinie; Joseph Michael Matthew Lafeuillee (Retiree); Yvonne Edwin (Department of Fisheries); Hubert James (Retiree) and Verna Mondesir (Retiree).

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