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Letter Sent to Civil Society Groups – ANTHONY RAPS U.W.P. LEADER

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony & UWP Political Leader Allen Chastanet [Photos: Stan Bishop]
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony & UWP Political Leader Allen Chastanet [Photos: Stan Bishop]
PRIME Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has delivered a scathing response to a letter sent to civil society organisations recently by United Workers Party Leader Allen Chastanet, calling on them to speak out against some recent actions of the government.

Chastanet’s letter referred to such issues as the WalidJuffali diplomatic appointment, and the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). He said that poor governance by the government was impacting negatively on St Lucia’s reputation in the regional and international community.

Specifically, Chastanet had called for the resignation of Dr. Ernest Hilaire as CIP Chairman and for the revocation of Juffali’s appointment as St Lucia’s representative at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Juffali was recently embroiled in a hotly contested divorce with his ex-wife in which his diplomatic appointment was questioned in the High Court in London. An Appeal court, however, later ruled that his appointment was not relevant to the case.

Prime Minister Anthony this week dispatched letters to the civil society organizations which Chastanet had written to. He accused the UWP leader of attempting to damage the ongoing efforts of the government to attract investment to St Lucia.

Anthony suggested that if Chastanet or his party had issues with the policies of the government, then it was quite in order for the Leader of the Opposition to write to the Prime Minister to express such views.

His letter said: “ It is also perfectly acceptable for the leader of any political party to write to me as political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to express views on matters of governance or policy.”

But he said it was “simply unacceptable and malicious” for Chastanet to write to numerous civil society organizations presenting concocted claims and stating obvious untruths in his crude attempts to damage the government ofd Saint Lucia and solicit political support”.

With reference to Chastanet’s claim that the CIP withHilaire, a candidate for the ruling party in upcoming general elections as Chairman, meant that there was no doubt that the Labour Party was in control of the programme and that it was not independent and free of political interference, Anthony said he was at a loss to identify any section of the constitution of Saint Lucia which provided that the chairpersons of statutory bodies “must be free of political affiliation”.

He suggested that if Chastanet was correct, then he should have also asked Mrs. Fortuna Belrose, his party’s candidate for Castries East to resign as President of the St Lucia Olympic Committee and regional, Vice President of the Commonwealth Games federation.

“Surely, his logic would mean that the UWP is in control of the Olympic movement in Saint Lucia and that the decisions of the St Lucia Olympic Committee favour only UWP supporters”.

Anthony said up to now the SLP had not asked for Belrose’s resignation and suggested that “that may now change”.

The Prime Minister also took offence to Chastanet’s reference to Arton Capital’s role in supporting an American lobbying firm to assist the government in addressing issues with the United States government relating to the Leahy Law which was invoked in Washington denying assistance to the St Lucia Police Force in the wake of the alleged extra judicial killings of civilians by policemen.

Said Anthony: “ Arton Capital having been granted a licence to market Saint Lucia in formulating its marketing strategy recognized that the Leahy matter has reputational consequences and offered the support of its lobbying partner to assist the government of Saint Lucia at no cost., There is nothing untold and illegal about this collaboration which will favour both parties”


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    he can only dream of winning the seat of micoud south
    the u w p can never win the election

    King will also lose his seat.

    the writing is on the heavens’s bill-board.

  2. #

    Dr. Anthony

    I recognize that you are obligated to respond to this burden imposed upon the people of St. Lucia by this cabal of Negro members of UWP, and because of their mental retardation has chosen the nincompoop Allen Chastanet to lead them into obliteration. It is for this reason I convey my deepest sympathy knowing that you are compelled because of your office to attempt reasoning with a blockhead.

    Allen is a charlatan and a fraudster, able to deceive these brain damaged members of the UWP, who are unsophisticated and obvious victims of White Supremacy. Allen has displayed his deceitful actions on many occasions, and on one occasion claiming that the “Earpiece only worked when English was spoken” – “Sir, sir, I cannot hear you with this earpiece while you speak kweyol, but if you speak English I will hear and answer you”; aa-waa garcon! Kenny, can Allen be charged with swindling the public and be arrested, to rescue us from this Black Plague of ignorance, call Allen Chastanet?

    I have been saying that this ignoramus Allen Chastanet is some kind of divine plague sent upon the people of this Island, coming with other Negroes like Rick John Wayne, and Black Pete Josie, who thinks that Black Chocolate women should not be allowed to be Carnival Queen because Black Peter Josie thinks they are, “too black and uglier”. Here’s what is said of Blockheads:

    “ A Blockhead cannot come in, nor go away, nor sit, nor rise, nor stand like a man of sense.”

    You have promised that the end of Chastanet is near at hand. Please, whatever you can do, we will be forever grateful; the sooner the better.

  3. /

    Richard Fredrick deserves lots credit – He warned these brain-damaged UWP members of Chastanet’s incompetency, and for his candid evaluation of this Public Embarrassment Allen Chastanet, he was ostracized/excommunicated by the vindictive bumbling idiot Allen Chastanet.

    Chastanet’s cloying sense of entitlement and elitism, buoyed by his family’s wealth, has fueled an arrogance, the likes of which this island has never seen, revealing an inferiority complex coupled with unmitigated stupidity, which spells suicide for any position of leadership acquired by Allen, as is now being witnessed within the U.W.P.. If Allen is elected to Govern Saint Lucians, he threatens to decimate the friendships of countries around the world, established by you Dr. Anthony.

    Even with the knowledge that the election of the virulent Chastanet to be dog-catcher, would be cataclysmic for the people of Saint Lucia – a fact well known to the people of Soufriere – individuals of questionable ethics like the Ninny-Narcissist weightlifter who wanted the white slave name Rick John Wayne, Jeff Fedee, and black Peter Josie have pledged unwavering allegiance to this Lucian version of the despot Donald Trump, hoping to reap their selfish personal reward of twenty pieces of silver or a white woman.

    One of the more intelligent and honest people of the UWP, warned Party members, who themselves are obvious victims of worshiping the Naked white man as their God, that Chastanet would indeed be a scourge upon the party, but because Fredrick’s nose is not thin enough, and as Peter Judas Josie would say, “a member of the darker and Uglier people”, his prophetic warnings were ignored by the Negroes who had sold their souls for a shilling and a promise of a white woman.

    Chastanet is the Poster-Boy for Rejection. As Minister of Tourism he ask the other member-state ministers to elect him President of the Caribbean Tourism Association; he was emphatically REJECTED because these ministers knew they did not want an idiot to be their President. The People of Soufriere REJECTED this shameless egotist.

    Chastanet is being nudged-on by the despicable Narcissist John Wayne and his sidekick Black Peter Josie, hoping to receive a chicken bone. These parasitic-leeches are clinging to a slippery part of Chastanet’s anatomy hoping the Lucian People are unable to identify the Reject that is Allen, even in this well established case, therefore they hold on to his behind unaware of their proximity to the anus of that REJECT.

  4. *
    Dr. Anthony:

    A discombobulated Allen Chastanet declares the United States Civil war was caused by Taxation without Representation, and the Trans-Atlantic Slavery never existed – What is this idiot smoking? Crack?

    Dr. Anthony, would you be kind enough to instruct the electorate of Lucians, that they should exercise tremendous caution when listening to Allen Chastanet’s concoction of imagined “FACTS”, for which I submit this crazy idea articulated by the ignorant Allen Chastanet, that the United States Civil War was fought over taxes; but even more ominous is the fact that even while the fraudster Allen Chastanet was making these erroneous statements, he was in BED WITH MARY ISAAC who sold-out the Union members for her own self-aggrandizement.

    Please inform the students of the island that the U.S.A. Civil war was NOT FOUGHT AGAINST ENGLAND. Here’s the Nincompoop Allen as he deceives the Lucian public, and you still have not had Chastanet arrested for being a Public Nuisance and smoking Crack??



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    While Dr. Kenny Anthony has a proven track record of TAMING Bengal Tigresses 🙂
    -in much the same manner as he and the SLP have inspired SAMMY & Charles to perform in their Asian Subcontinent Cricket World Cup Championship.

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