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What Silly Season?

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

CONSIDER the following: In a place where silence is gold and fear rules like a sacred commandment from on high, anyone who dares to speak out on an issue of national import may be instantly labelled, ‘crazy.’ And when in that same place some persons choose to speak out in an election campaign, others call it ‘the silly season.’ Why silly season and not crazy season? Consider this also: If people went silent, would that place as we know it be better off? And what purpose would silence serve in the face of criminals and their leaders who had developed a sign language of their own to further defraud those who would not speak?

Think about it. Christianity teaches to turn the other cheek and to be obedient in all things to their God and masters. In addition, western education has taught that speech is silver and silence gold. Gold a precious metal that measures a man’s worth and a nation’s wealth. The gold standard points to success in innovation, production and trade. Gold continues to drive men to plunder each other whilst avarice, greed and false pride lead to criminal acts of all descriptions. Greed exploits people by using deceptive words.

In such an atmosphere of learnt silence and fear those who dare to speak out are branded as silly or crazy. In such an atmosphere of studied silence only the brave and fearless will be heard. Others are reduced to whispering behind closed doors. When those who rule use speech to manipulate the minds of the voiceless, the society begins ever so slowly to bend towards bloody revolution. Return to F. Fanon, W. Rodney, E. Williams, F. Castro, L. Best, C.L.R. James, N. Chomsky and others of like minds. From these one learns that a new message of social and economic progress is embedded in the hearts of oppressed peoples everywhere. Those who have brought misery upon the heads of the masses must pay.

One must therefore be careful that those with a new message of hope are not dissuaded under the rubric of ‘the silly season,’ from speaking out. Even those who are incapable of clear logical articulation need their moment in the sun. They must not be denied an opportunity by those who think their conversations ‘silly.’ Failing which a deliberate masking of words by those who pretend to be silly and slightly off may be the undesirable result of minimizing their contributions. Those who knowingly express an unpopular view ought to be encouraged to explain such views. They should be encouraged and not be frightened away.

‘The silly season’ ought therefore never to imply a return to the pre-universal adult suffrage era, where pervasive fear and intimidation ruled and basic human rights were denied. Can anyone blame the poor guy who dares to speak out while hiding in cloaked insanity or drunken stupor? More to the point, can the word silly be reasonably applied to someone who dares to speak out against a social and economic situation which relegates him to the bottom of the pecking order in society?

Should persons who think themselves above everyone else be allowed to piss in peoples’ eyes and call it rain? Would it not be more appropriate if those at the receiving end of such urinary waste decide to jettison silence and return the insult with words and thoughtful action of certain force? What good is silence if the only remedy against the tyranny of political failures posing as law givers and saviours is the spoken word back by legitimate action? Or would some shameless persons rather hear, not a word, not a word, not a word. Let whoever wants to say ‘silly season’ say so but also let all ideas contend openly, with free speech.

Silence is not the correct path. Better to be called silly than cowards. Better to be called brigands than house slaves. Better to be called God-fearing and peaceful, than backward, stupid and silly. Better to be called Arthur or Derek than any other which does not recognize a father figure in their lives, for whatever the reason. We have heard it said that every child needs a father. From where I stand, it seems that some men need a father more than a child does. The absence of a father may well be that which turns a man into a casual donor of male gametes, and little more.

Only those who deliberately choose to remain silent and are frightened by loud-mouth political aspirants or of failed rulers can legitimately be called silly during an election campaign. Instead, ‘the silly season’ ought to refer to the wise that choose silence and to speak sparingly. Those who are prepared to invest their scarce silvery speech are aware that golden silences may not further their legitimate causes, but the choice is theirs. On the other hand those who dare to speak out from some self-imposed taboo cannot righty be fingered as silly.

Any dialogue which promotes discussion with worsening conditions after a general election is far better than silence. There’s no point in the behaving like dumb driven cattle when one is suffering due to misguided and silly leaders. In such situations; ‘not a word, not a word, not a word,’ ought to be the preferred path.

This island has witnessed lies distortions and deafening silence from those who know the truth about IMPACS and its death list. Is such silence meant to resolve the IMPACS issue, and the Juffali matter? And if citizens speak out on information garnered from fearless journalists, isn’t it better than remaining silent because someone has said it’s ‘the silly season? Breaking the silence on matters which affect the nation is infinitely superior to allowing politicians to piss in our eyes calling it rain. We are better than such gross insults – we can stand up as before.

After the deceit of the VAT, after the tax on water, after the IMPACS and Juffali matters, how can anyone in good conscience say ‘all dem politicians are de same.’ and to call it ‘the silly season’ when we decide to speak out for our dignity and self-respect as a people? And so this election ‘don’t give up, give them up.’ It’s time to man-up and raise your voice. Let those who wish, call it ‘the silly season,’ but don’t let them piss in your eyes and call it rain. You may curse the darkness, but you must also light a candle in this season of enlightenment.


  1. Pete ole Boy,
    This piece has me wishing for the vigorous dexterity and explosive backhand of Serena Williams, oui.
    Peetar, you tossed too many balls onto the tennis court.
    Is this a new strategy to demonstrate your illusionary skills.
    Here’s the thing, I will focus on just your feigned misunderstanding of the proverb SILENCE for my response this week;
    I will begin my thesis statement thus:
    Speech implies a “cheaper” physical category of overt actions whilst Silence is Golden refers to the higher more expensive aesthete of CEREBRAL deliberation prior to physical actions such as speech…..n’est pas?
    It takes a profound introspection within a a measure of Golden silence to learn what JOSE MARTI learnt.
    Did Divine dialogue occur for Noah, Abraham, Muhammad, John the Baptist, Moses et al while they were engaged in fits of rap.
    Dream states and silent prayer or meditations have been the most popular conduits for God to human communication- all fall under the aegis of SILENCE IS GOLDEN

    Here is a Golden thought:
    Let the hard working team @ SLP CABINET continue their earnest momentum of putting some fat on the bare bones economy for another decade ; before your pirate raiders are allowed an attempt to hijack StLucia’s checkbook, por favor.

  2. Peetar/
    The great SOM has repeatedly exposed the elements / characters that constitute a Black Sambo.
    In particular he has referenced you as been promised a caucasian concubine to reward your services.
    I’ve always wondered how Chas Inc was able to rob your MIND of its ORIGINAL BLACK ?

    When it comes to Black liberation, or reparations-
    you Peetar are a leading actor in the aristocratic production of

    1. Anthony Hopkins, is one of my favourite Actors. I have not seen many movies with him, but he has impressed me in all. The Movie “THE EDGE’ with Alec Baldwin ranks as one of my favourites.

  3. Peetar/
    The Great SOM has illustrated your disdain for the unique beauty of Black Women-
    proven by your current sly /slick /sneaky ridicule of Lady Rochelle’s candid article “The Silly Season”…..
    Your ‘pot* shot across the bow of her majestic Frigate, is indicative of your status as Ombudsman overseer at Las Hacienda de Chas Inc.
    Here is my reminder to St.Lucian women- no matter what little percentage (or sans) African genetic codes course through their BLOOD lines.

    Celebrating Women’s history month with solemn introspection.

  4. Peetar
    Now that you are refreshed about your FORTUNATE master, how about a dedication to the ones who have butt-ress*
    his gothic cathedral-
    the progenitor of CHAS Inc.

    May I suggest a highball of blended Bourbon and Southern comfort with Cherry Coca cola on the rocks garnished with crushed fresh mint leaves.
    A fresh Bake and codfish float with pimente majacque, too,
    if Mary Issac is your date
    yum yum

  5. Pete ole boy
    Is it true that you persuaded CHAS Junior not to use the following song as his campaign anthemn:


    A hijacked TWEET reveals his recent visit to the Grenadines residence of Herr Jagger to solicit a concert performance of said song at le olde Victoria Park ( the name Mindoo Phillips was not used to highlight the imperial past to his ambitions for a NEO IMPERIAL future)
    Come on Pete ,
    Dust off your JIGGER BOOTS from Picadilly Circus; pop some Geritol and Viagra and Karaoke along with Chas =
    “Brown Sugar”

    Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
    Sold in a market down in New Orleans
    Scarred old slaver knows he’s doing alright
    Hear him whip the women just around midnight

    Brown sugar how come you taste so good?
    Brown sugar just like a young girl should

    Drums beating, cold English blood runs hot
    Lady of the house wonderin’ where it’s gonna stop
    House boy knows that he’s doing alright
    You shoulda heard him just around midnight

    Brown sugar how come you taste so good, now?
    Brown sugar just like a young girl should, now

    Ah, get along, brown sugar how come you taste so good, baby?
    Ah, got me feelin’ now, brown sugar just like a black girl should

    I bet your mama was a tent show queen
    And all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen
    I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like
    You shoulda heard me just around midnight

  6. Pete
    Here are my dessert menu items following this Chas / Josie Imperial fantasy singalong
    A generous slice of RED VELVET cake floating on Chocolate Mousse,
    a tall glass of Baileys’s Chocolate Irish Creme Spiked with 4 ozs Single Malt Whisky 2 or more scoops of Choclate ice cream cup ice
    Blend to smoothie
    While you and Chas are it and in between sips
    repeat the lines
    “I have immense clarity-
    No man- no nation-NO GOD
    shall stand in the path of my ambitions!”

  7. /

    Here we see the Devil Black Pete Josie, citing scripture.

    “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

    But even more diabolical is Black Pete Josie’s vollies of eternal babble, which is accurately identified by Dr. DASSAULT as another scurrilous attack upon the noble elegance of the Black Female ROCHELLE’S article about the silly season, and by implication slandering the Writers of this respected newspaper, The Voice of St.Lucia, in hopes of resurrecting the shallow impersonator of journalism called Star, owned by a CIA agent, self-hating Negro Stripper, who thinks another naked Caucasian is a God who killed himself on Good Friday.

  8. What is Judas Josie pushing.? The white powder or white power? He was pushing black power before, so what happened to him? Such an unprincipled pimp, selling his own mother, wife, Christmas Carol, baby Jesus, for white power? No SHAME!

  9. TIME
    JOSIE JUDAS Eyes are very red
    red….red…like fire
    his finger and toe-nails
    is long very long i tell you
    de judas fish is coiling 10-times around himself
    de peter judas is a MAJI-NEW

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