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You Don’t Hunt The Hunted

The Independent Eye - By Kensley Peter Charlemagne

I am no hunter but the obvious lesson of hunting is that you do not go after the ducks that are already dead. As a result of my last article, “You can’t win with those party hacks”, a skewed party hack accused me of being skewed. “You claim independent opinions – but this article is overly wrought with skewered political bias”, he said.

I just thought I would give some context to my last article. For a group claiming to be “aiming for progress” SLAP- St Lucia Aiming for Progress, the facebook group is infested with SLP operatives. I am told that that should not come as a surprise if one look at the obvious acronym.

The articles or postings that get the most mileage in the group are those “politically skewed ones”. Be sure if you write anything averse about Pope Anthony or the SLP government the termites will bite, they will come to try to tear you apart.

It was against this background that I wrote. And so I am a UWP operative. I am accused of being paid from a UWP purse. Oh, Lord! You just can’t win with those party hacks. We are consumed by politics on this miniscule of pomp, we call an island. They want to tell Timothy Poleon how he should conduct his programme; they want to write the script for him. They bash our local newspapers. You just can’t win with those party hacks. And I rather suppose the reaction would be the same if the UWP were in power and I had posted in United Pac (check out the name), something critical about a governing UWP administration. You just can’t win with those party hack.

The commentator seems to know something I don’t. “– as if you are in prostrated submission to Massa Chas- for a political nomination in upcoming elections……..n’est pas?”In answer to your question, “Non Monsieur!” I do not like Allen Chastanet and his tactics. To some that is an anomaly. You don’t like Kenny and you don’t like Chastanet. But for now I will not go after dead ducks. I will continue to expound on the proponents of the independent model; the way out of this doldrum that partisan politics has got.


  1. KC
    So you are not Cashing in on Flambeau’s coat tails but why repeat the POPE title instead of Dr. to title Dr. Anthony.
    And you deny that your article was not an overt biased attack on the elected leader of this land.
    Nevertheless, an independent viewpoint takes on a larger responsibility/accountability -when presenting a political opinion-
    in that we the learned readers are provided an opportunity to perform our own INDEPENDENT assessment of your presentation via an embedded or suggested COMPARISON study. Your last article failed the Venn comparison model-
    it had no positive or disparaging remarks about CHAS –
    On the other hand, I have no problem DIGESTING articles written by Wulf-Solage .
    Solage offers readers balance and assessment opportunities – consistently and effortlessly, ditto the Diplomat of Anguilla.
    If your piece had a piece on Chas neg or pos it would’ve added credence to your independent ‘fulcrum’.
    When you used the put down term Pope with no explanation or take any pains to distance yourself as writer then you do leave your flanks open for a defensive salvo.
    Perhaps your independence does not account for religious pluralism -accepting the fact that you are a product of the old RC dominated public school system.
    Hopefully you are sensitized as to the use of Papal fallacies even if they are meant as a put down.
    When folks use the term Pope they are actually permeating the fallacy that the pope is GOD in the flesh. This is even worse than the use of the N word and proud advertisement of time spent incarcerated -as badges of HONOR, among silly black teens.
    The use of papal fallacies to demonize individuals is not cool and will never be assumed to be a middle or independent viewpoint.
    Please disavow the Papal Bull that demarcated North South and Caribbean Americas between Portugal and Spain.
    It is wise political correctness for the children of former and current slave plantations.
    Just like the above Chameleon, Charles le Sniper, I have enjoyed some of your articles but that last one was a real puker for the reasons stated above.
    In my first college writing /comprehension course, my Ghanaian professor at CUNY expressed the view that a good opinion piece should include something good about that which we are about to “put down”.
    Sort of like how COUNTERPOINT works in the structure of a classical musical piece.
    You are better than a mud slinger and I do look forward to your true potential…..
    ..Wheras, I represent the best interests of my ancestors…..
    who have earned this land in concert with the masses who rode the waves of the middle passage-
    via their sweat equity on
    sugar and banana plantations.
    Not even counting the higher costs
    of their pain & suffering from
    the satanic overseers, landlords, aristocrats et al.
    We altruistic patriots owe them the posterity which they have provided for our current well being-
    under the most inhumane despicable conditions in world history.
    Dr Kenny, elected by the masses will be respected in his capacity as leader of St. Lucia.
    The democratic process agreed to by the people has not changed-
    there is where personal differences are expressed in civil format.
    When there is an absence of discussion on Le ISSUE and a 99.9% assault on personality (well Peter Josie and his ilk are an exception-something to do with demonic forces) –
    then the attacker must expect repulsive salvos from the ramparts of altruistic patriots
    Nuff said!
    Tally Ho

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