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We need Answers, Please…

By Sons & Daughters


AS independent citizens, we need the government to answer the following random questions that St. Lucians need to know:-

What is the government doing to reverse the U.S government stance on St. Lucia as a high risk territory for money laundering?

How does government plan to reduce their fiscal imbalance?

What happened to the Transparency and Accountability that this Labour government promised?

Where exactly is our VAT money going?

Why has the PM hired lawyers in Washington to deal with Impacs? And what is he doing about what is really required, i.e. a proper judicial overhaul to be undertaken in St. Lucia?

What is the status of the Grynberg matter? And how much has the country paid lawyers so far? And which set of lawyers are handling that one?
What happened to due diligence for Juffali?

When Juffali was appointed in 2014, why were St. Lucians not informed then?

What exactly does Juffali’s daughter in Saudi Arabia do for St. Lucia?

What about Mr. Chagoury? What has he done for St. Lucia?

As CEO of CIP what are the terms of employment for Mr. Hilaire? How long is the contract for? Can he be fired?

Is it true that Robert Lewis will be our new UK representative? Say it isn’t so.

Is the General Secretary of the Labour Party related to the Chief of Mission in Washington and to the current UK representative? Is this not nepotism?

As taxpayers, we have to ask, did JadiaJn Pierre pay back the cost of her medical bills? Was it a gift or a loan? How much gratuity did she get?

About those businessmen who are now paying the salary of the communications director of the Labour Party, is it a grateful gesture for all the concessions received over time from the present administration?

Is it the norm for the P.M. to sign concession documents for a private citizen?

Are we paying for the salary of a deputy mayor?

The city of Castries has never been dirtier and there is a sharp increase in the number of vagrants. Why can’t the government house all these vagrants and get the “NICE” people to care for them?

With all the purchasing of buildings and properties, will the city of Castries be renamed Damascus?

Why is the Chamber of Commerce so quiet?

Why does the P.M., in blaming the past UWP government, put all the blame on Allen Chastanet and NOT Stephenson King? Who was the P.M. of the UWP then?

Does the P.M. have a ’’soft spot’’these days for Stephenson King, and Richard Frederick? Why the 180?

With nine fish cooperatives around the island, why is there not one fisherman on the recently appointed Fisheries Board?

How long do we have to wait for the forensic lab to reopen?

Dr. Juffali has agreed to finance a film on Diabetes in Saint Lucia, what is the purpose? We already know that St. Lucia has the highest rate per capita in the world. Please Mr. P.M., liaise with the St. Lucia Diabetic Association, they know what exactly is needed in Saint Lucia now; immediate action and solutions to address the crises – our people are dying!!!

Is it not more important to source more dialysis machines from Juffali than to wait for a Diabetic Research Centre? Do you know that the Saint Lucia Diabetic Association is associated to the World Diabetic Foundation, which has many research centres throughout many developed countries?

How long will this diabetic research facility take to commence operations? Is this necessary for Saint Lucia now?

What happened to U.H.C after 15 years?

When will the National Hospital be opened and functioning? Just giving it a name does not help us!

What about Lambirds? Why are St. Lucians kept in the dark about it? Why are Saint Lucians kept in the dark about everything? Where is the respect for the citizens of this country? Will the CIP citizens receive the same kind of disrespect or will the red carpet be rolled out for them, tit for tat, butter for fat?

Have you noticed that when Kenny Anthony comes out with a bold statement building us up to a crescendo of hope, he never fails to end that statement with an anti climax of uncertainty?

Dear St. Lucian brothers and sisters, poor judgement and poor policies have brought our island to a virtual halt. We cannot condone the scandals any more, but we must thank God for Rick Wayne who reveals all those private deals of immense proportions, lacking any morality and placing us in an embarrassing light, both at home and on the international scene.

The Prime Minister inspired no confidence in his New Year’s address. His words fell flat and his face said it all. The P.M. was however correct when he said that leadership does not stem from PhD’s or higher degrees. He has taught us well what leadership is and is not. We know for sure that leadership comes from INTEGRITY, HUMANITY, COMMON SENSE, BUSINESS SENSE, HONESTY, GOOD CHARACTER rooted in and nurtured from a strong family background. How does the Prime Minister measure up? The answer saddens us all. We hang our heads in shame.



  1. The Gestapo (brutal Secret Police of the Nazi Party-which specialized in massive lighted FLAMBEAU (torch lit) political rallies, marches, etc)-
    AKA Sons and Daughters of the UWPee on you with yellow urine.
    Then mama-guy (Joseph) you into believing that yellow UWPee (pissez) is RAIN 🙁
    Ricky , Fedee, Josie the acolytes of GOEBBELS minister of PROPOGANDA for NAZI party.
    The FUHRER (writer of MEIN KAMPF as in MINE I KEEP for my aristocrat class and posterity= Chas Inc.
    Himmler (manager of perverted solutions to political challenges that beset the Nazi party e.g., Jewish holocaust)
    AKA Guy Joseph!

  2. All these questions need answering – but are probably in the ‘too hard’ pile.
    SLU is flat on its back and it seems only those at the top are prospering.
    The society has become lawless and this will not change when there is no justice system. The island will get more and more bad publicity on the international stage with all the unresolved and continuing crime.
    Shame on the government. It treats its people as morons. What a legacy for the island.

  3. These questions and more have been answered. You were just not listening hence the reason for your now improper statement.

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